Lessons learned from Lions

Lessons learned from Lions


Lessons learned from Lions


I’ve been on the block long enough to know how to look at the Lions – through the lenses of comedy.

Here’s what’s tickling me about this season. Last season Jim Caldwell comes in, leads the boys in blue to the playoffs and this city is an election away from appointing him mayor of Detroit. The people – including myself – loved his demeanor.

He’s so calm, the people said. His personality is just what the team needs, others said. I like how he is always relaxed, unlike that hothead doofus Jim Schwartz, a few said.

Now look at what a 1-7 start does to those thoughts.

Caldwell is the same guy on the sidelines, but now that calm, relaxed attitude is thought to be derailing the season. People want to know where his fire is. The folks want to know why he looks so apathetic all the time.

Plenty of fans I see in person and on Twitter want Caldwell replaced with someone that will bring smoking hot fire to the team. You know, the kind of fire that Schwartz had when he was here.

Then again, that fiery attitude wasn’t really loved when he started filling up the loss column.

Long story short, with win-loss column can change perspective in less than a year. Coaches become questioned on their characteristics they were loved on the season before, when they were winning. Once they start losing, fans forget that’s what they loved and start begging for a complete one-eighty of personality.

Some other thoughts on the beloved Lions:

  • Did you see that general manager Martin Mayhew said the Lions will be buyers at the trade deadline? That’s the kind of delusion you can only find from someone who was Matt Millen’s right-hand man.

If Mayhew legitimately thinks he can turn the season around with one or two trades, he deserves to get fired on that alone. That’s foolish thinking.

Then again, the theme to the season is making people laugh at the absurdity of what happens on the field. Maybe this is his way of getting in on that action.

Unless he can somehow trade a few of those losses to a team for good players, his days are numbered.

  • This bye week might change the way you spend the rest of your Sundays.

You’ll watch other teams play and say to yourself “wow, I’m watching the professional football and actually enjoying it. I don’t feel like launching my remote through the TV this week!”

And do you know why you’ll think that? Because you’re enjoying teams that can play football like their season is still intact.

And do you know what you should do next? Make that your Sunday routine. Don’t give yourself unneeded stress by watching the Lions. Come on, you don’t deserve that – you deserve a nice Sunday every Sunday.


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