The Malik Newman Blog: Why he could team up with friends and win a national title, going for four and more

The Malik Newman Blog: Why he could team up with friends and win a national title, going for four and more

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The Malik Newman Blog: Why he could team up with friends and win a national title, going for four and more


Malik Newman is the top guard in the ESPN 100 and No. 4 overall player. Newman, a senior, led Callaway (Callaway, Miss.) to its third consecutive state title last season and dominated the AAU scene last summer. That kind of production has elite schools such as Kentucky, Kansas, UConn, and many others, putting on the full-court recruiting press. Newman has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

malik newman

What’s going on world, it’s your man Malik Newman back at it again with another blog for y’all!

Everyone wants to know about recruitment so let’s start with that.

I definitely have some of my friends who are committed to schools already who are recruiting me trying to get me to join them at their school.

My boy (Isaiah) Briscoe hits me up about coming to Kentucky with him and my boy Ben (Simmons) is trying to get me to come with him to LSU.

It makes sense that they would because those are a couple of the schools that I’m considering, and I feel like if I team up with any one of those guys we can win the national championship. I really believe that!

They don’t blow me up too much, but they’ll definitely hit me and let me know that they want me there with them.

I don’t even know when I’ll be ready to make a decision, but I know the McDonald’s game is a little over a month away and if I’m ready and comfortable about making a decision by then I would definitely think about doing it there.

Right now I don’t have any plans to do it though.

I still have to take visits and I haven’t set any dates or anything yet.

Right now I’m focusing on my season; we’re No. 4 in the USA Today rankings! Yessir!

We’re feeling good about where we’re at and we’re getting better every day. We’re competing harder in practice and working hard and that’s transferring over to the games. The hard work is paying off.

If we can keep things going we can get our fourth straight state title and if that’s in God’s plan for us then it’ll be big for us and our school! We’re gonna give it our best shot!

I got invited to play in the Nike Hoop Summit this year and that’s a blessing from God! Only 11 players are picked for it and to be one of those was big for me! I’m just excited to get out there and represent for my country.

OK, to everybody who reads this blog do not, I repeat do not, get Chief Keefe’s new mixtape; it’s not good at all. He let me down on this one y’all! I gotta be honest; and I’m a Chief Keefe fan too. I think he’s cold! But this mixtape fell short for me.

I’m on that new Drake, though! He’s doing his thing with the song Legend; that goes hard!

OK people, I’ve gotta get ready to get outta here; y’all already know I appreciate y’all reading my blog and spending a little time getting to know me a little better.

Stay tuned, I’ll be coming at you with my next blog soon.

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