Morris County swimmers snag stellar seeds

Morris County swimmers snag stellar seeds


Morris County swimmers snag stellar seeds


Jackie Kleinsorgen “knew there was a chance” she’d be swimming in a final at the NJSIAA Meet of Champions today. But the Roxbury sophomore was certain her older sister, senior Allyson Kleinsorgen, was going to be there.

Both sisters advanced together as part of the Gaels’ 200-yard freestyle relay in the B-final, and the medley in the bonus final. Jackie’s premonition about her “just great” big sister was also accurate.

Allyson Kleinsorgen will be the fourth seed in the 50-yard freestyle, and sixth in the backstroke, when the MOC resumes this morning at Gloucester County Institute of Technology.

Morristown freshman Alanna Lenihan had looked up results from past years, which made her more confident – even though the Colonials’ medley relay is three rookies and a sophomore. In fact, all three Morristown girls relays return today.

“It’s unexpected. It just kind of came out of nowhere,” she said. “It’s crazy to think we’re so young, but we have such a strong team.”

Villa Walsh’s medley relay improved on its own Daily Record area best time yet again (1:48.21), earning the fourth seed in the championship final. Chatham sophomore Alicia Iizuka (fourth) and Vikings sophomore Rebecca Morel (sixth) will swim the championship breaststroke, with Lauren deTorres of Kinnelon in the consolation heat. Morel also qualified for the IM consolation, along with Pope John senior Sarah Slepian.

Mountain Lakes senior Erin Kiely crushed the previous area best in the 500 free, taking the sixth seed in 5:02.46. Sparta freshman Alexis Faria had personal bests in both the butterfly (area-best 56.85) and the 50 free. She advanced to the championship fly final with the seventh seed.

Mount Olive senior Amy Nemeth was a little nostalgic before the MOC had even started on Saturday morning. The only female Marauders swimmer all four years, Nemeth qualified for the consolation butterfly final.

“It puts, not just swimming, but high school in perspective,” said Nemeth, who has signed a National Letter of Intent with Delaware. “The pressure’s off, the nerves are off. I want to be here, because I love to race, and to represent my school. It’s fun, and if good times come with it, that’s a plus.”

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Top eight finishers qualify for championship final, next eight qualify for consolation final. Relays have two consolation finals.

Medley relay: 1. Hillsborough (Alexandra Temple, Megan Bull, Julieyanna Parker, Deborah Stoddard) 1:47.59; 2. Scotch Plains (Erika Frazier, Rachel Maizes, Stephanie Judge, Sarah Davis) 1:47.77; 3. Haddonfield (Sophie Fontaine, Abby Czerniecki, Caroline Conte, Abbey Neveling) 1:47.89; 4. Villa Walsh (Carolyn Silverman, Rebecca Morel, Allison Morel, Caroline Feeney) 1:48.21; 5. Hunterdon Central (Alison Herman, Jess Ambrose, Maria Russo, Holly Christensen) 1:48.5; 6. Montgomery (Brigid DeBlasio, Jenna D’Allegro, Julia Bland, Kara Lydzinski) 1:49.13; 7. Cranford (Julie Byrne, Ashley Cave, Emily Wilson, Isabella DeSimone) 1:49.82; 8. Immaculate Heart (Catherine Fazio, Alexis Wiener, Jillian Calocino, Sarah Horne) 1:50.03; 16. Morristown (Sophie Thomsen, Maya Carragher, Alanna Lenihan, Meghan Crowley) 1:51.55; 17. Roxbury (Allyson Kleinsorgen, Jackie Kleinsorgen, Jessie Spitzer, Jenna Shirkey) 1:51.81; 21. Mendham (Kate Alexy, Charlie Trinco, Sara Cecere, Mary Laurita) 1:53.11; 27. Chatham (Jacqueline Crater, Alicia Iizuka, Amy Duren, Caroline Paulson) 1:53.75; 47. Park (Meg Healey, Chiara Mennonna, Abby Tsay, Elizabeth D’Altrui) 1:57.21.

200 freestyle: 1. Amanda Nunan (Ocean City) 1:49.73; 2. Sophie Fontaine (Haddonfield) 1:50.02; 3. Casey Lawson (St. Rose) 1:52.2; 4. Tatiana Prendella (Bernards) 1:53.04; 5. Amber Glenn (Ocean City) 1:53.31; 6. Julie Stankiewicz (Metuchen) 1:53.63; 7. Isabelle Obregon (Cherokee) 1:53.96; 8. Rabia Sayed (West Windsor South) 1:55.12.

200 IM: 1. Megan Bull (Hillsborough) 2:03.76; 2. Meaghan O’Donnell (Wayne Valley) 2:05.36; 3. Carter Orth (Moorestown) 2:05.54; 4. Julie Byrne (Cranford) 2:05.57; 5. Jess Ambrose (Hunterdon Central) 2:07.64; 6. Nicole Shek (Lenape) 2:08.36; 7. Jamie Bowne (Cherokee) 2:08.98; 8. Caroline Gmelich (Trinity Hall) 2:09.4; 12. Sarah Slepian (Pope John) 2:09.98; 16. Rebecca Morel (Villa Walsh) 2:10.67; 25. Emily Peter (Pope John) 2:11.88; 28. Lauren deTorres (Kinnelon) 2:12.38; 35. Nicole Tingley (Chatham) 2:14.24; 38.* (tie) Caroline Feeney (Villa Walsh) and Tessa Schleider (Ridge) 2:14.68; 43. Maya Carragher (Morristown) 2:15.47; 45. Emily Locascio (Kittatinny) 2:15.62; 51. Alicia Iizuka (Chatham) 2:18.21

50 freestyle: 1. Danielle Griggs (Wall) 23.67; 2. Holly Christensen (Hunterdon Central) 23.81; 3. Kara Lydzinski (Montgomery) 23.91; 4. (tie) Allyson Kleinsorgen (Roxbury) and Katrina Kuhn (Bishop Ahr) 23.95; 6. Abbey Berloco (Princeton) 24.1; 7. (tie) Ingrid Shu (Pingry) and Sarah Davis (Scotch Plains) 24.16; 17. Meghan Crowley (Morristown) 24.53; 20. Liza MacCowatt (Morristown-Beard) 24.6; 27. (tie) Emily Gorham (Chatham) and Mary Laurita (Mendham) 24.78; 30. Alexis Faria (Sparta) 24.8; 54. Sophie Thomsen (Morristown) 25.52; 57. Jackie Kleinsorgen (Roxbury) 25.63.

100 butterfly: 1. Carter Orth (Moorestown) 55.48; 2. Monika Burzynska (Colonia) 55.54; 3. Julieyanna Parker (Hillsborough) 56.2; 4. Helen Grossman (Shore Reg.) 56.38; 5. Marlise Moesch (Watchung Hills) 56.7; 6. Christina Paspalas (Demarest) 56.81; 7. Alexis Faria (Sparta) 56.85; 8. Melinda Tang (Princeton) 57.01; 15. Amy Nemeth (Mount Olive) 58.51; 20. Mary Laurita (Mendham) 59.14; 24. Emily Gorham (Chatham) 59.34; 29. Emily Haudek (High Point) 59.88.

100 freestyle: 1. Danielle Griggs (Wall) 51.72; 2. Holly Christensen (Hunterdon Central) 51.96; 3. Katrina Kuhn (Bishop Ahr) 51.98; 4. Brianna Romaine (Princeton) 52.26; 5. Audra Smires (Ranney) 52.33; 6. Kathleen Miszkiewicz (Oak Knoll) 52.5; 7. Sarah Davis (Scotch Plains) 52.55; 8. Marlise Moesch (Watchung Hills) 52.78; 21. Emily Peter (Pope John) 54.39; 23. Nicole Tingley (Chatham) 54.51; 25. Meghan Crowley (Morristown) 54.57; 29. Sophie Thomsen (Morristown) 54.79; 34. Jackie Kleinsorgen (Roxbury) 55.03; 37. Amy Nemeth (Mount Olive) 55.59; 41. Emily Haudek (High Point) 55.8.

500 freestyle: 1. Amanda Nunan (Ocean City) 4:55.27; 2. Maggie Wallace (Ocean City) 4:57.14; 3. Tatiana Prendella (Bernards) 4:57.88; 4. Amber Glenn (Ocean City) 5:00; 5. Jordan Silbert (Millburn) 5:01.28; 6. Erin Kiely (Mountain Lakes) 5:02.46; 7. Julia Bland (Montgomery) 5:04.21; 8. Amanda Lauer (Immaculate Heart) 5:05.32.

200 free relay: 1. Mount St. Mary (Faith Markey, Mary Day, Isabelle Rivera, Shay Hollander) 1:37.83; 2. Hillsborough (Julieyanna Parker, Alexandra Temple, Deborah Stoddard, Megan Bull) 1:38.22; 3. Ocean City (Aly Chain, Amanda Nunan, Gabby Breazeale, Ryann Styer) 1:38.33; 4. Scotch Plains (Amanda Banasiak, Rachel Maizes, Maya Dunchus, Sarah Davis) 1:39.03; 5. Pingry (Hollie Hopf, Christina Ou, Keileh Atulomah, Ingrid Shu) 1:39.28; 6. Montgomery (Brianna McKenna, Jenna D’Allegro, Katie King, Kara Lydzinski) 1:39.94; 7. Westfield (Emma Conlon, Muriel Maloney, Emily Oster, Gwyn Devin) 1:39.98; 8. Bernards (Tatiana Prendella, Isabella St. Onge, Shannon Phillips, Megan Sardis) 1:40.43; 10. Roxbury (Allyson Kleinsorgen, Jessie Spitzer, Jenna Shirkey, Jackie Kleinsorgen) 1:40.82; 16. Chatham (Margaret Harrigan, Caroline Paulson, Nicole Tingley, Emily Gorham) 1:42.06; 21. Mountain Lakes (Kara Zimmermann, Kelly Shi, Heili Truumees, Elise Fraser) 1:41.13; 24. Morristown (Emilie Breslin, Kelsey Hyland, Gianna Karpinski, Casey Hasenbein) 1:43.38; 25. Mendham (Sara Cecere, Charlie Trinco, Kate Alexy, Mary Laurita) 1:43.39.

100 backstroke: 1. Christina Pasapalas (Demarest) 55.27; 2. Sophie Fontaine (Haddonfield) 55.61; 3. Isabel Obregon (Cherokee) 57.05; 4. Kathleen Miszkiewicz (Oak Knoll) 57.28; 5. Caroline Gmelich (Trinity Hall) 57.36; 6. Allyson Kleinsorgen (Roxbury) 57.46; 7. Andrea Galea (Mount St. Dominic) 57.93; 8. Nicole Shek (Lenape) 57.94; 24. Carolyn Silverman (Villa Walsh) 59.94.

100 breaststroke: 1. Charlotte O’Leary (Montclair) 1:04.19; 2. Meaghan O’Donnell (Wayne Valley) 1:04.46; 3. Jess Ambrose (Hunterdon Central) 1:04.61; 4. Alicia Iizuka (Chatham) 1:05.69; 5. Nora Woods (Audubon) 1:06.02; 6. Rebecca Morel (Villa Walsh) 1:06.11; 7. Marissa Moskalow (Clearview) 1:06.55; 8. Leenah Sarhan (Egg Harbor) 1:06.73; 12. Lauren deTorres (Kinnelon) 1:06.94; 17. Sarah Slepian (Pope John) 1:07.69; 25. Liza MacCowatt (Morristown-Beard) 1:08.41; 34. Maya Carragher (Morristown) 1:08.88; 40. Emily Locascio (Kittatinny) 1:09.55; 42. Chiara Mennonna (Park) 1:09.66; 44. Allison Morel (Villa Walsh) 1:09.76.

400 free relay: 1. Princeton (Abbey Berloco, Madeline Deardorff, Melinda Tang, Brianna Romaine) 3:33.79; 2. Hillsborough (Alexandra Temple, Deborah Stoddard, Megan Bull, Julieyanna Parker) 3:34.16; 3. Ocean City (Maggie Wallace, Ryann Styer, Aly Chain, Amanda Nunan) 3:36.97; 4. Haddonfield (Sophia Kurtz, Sophie Fontaine, Caroline Conte, Abbey Neveling) 3:37.26; 5. Pingry (Christina Ou, Naiyah Atulomah, Yelena Salvador, Ingrid Shu) 3:37.91; 6. Hunterdon Central (Maria Russo, Elizabeth O’Brien, Jess Ambrose, Holly Christensen) 3:38.03; 7. Immaculate Heart (Kate Sheridan, Amanda Lauer, Catherine Fazio, Jullian Calocino) 3:38.07; 8. Montgomery (Brianna McKenna, Brigid DiBlasio, Julia Bland, Katie King) 3:38.53; 23. Morristown (Emilie Breslin, Alanna Lenihan, Meghan Crowley, Sophie Thomsen) 3:43.11; 24. Chatham (Nicole Tingley, Jane Ewald, Margaret Harrigan, Emily Gorham) 3:43.3; 30. Villa Walsh (Blair Boyle, Alison Pigott, Caroline Feeney, Allison Morel) 3:47.31; 33. Mountain Lakes (Heili Truumees, Kelly Shi, Kara Zimmermann, Erin Kiely) 3:48.66.

Site of meet: Gloucester County Institute of Technology. Distances in yards.


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Morris County swimmers snag stellar seeds
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