Move Monday: No. 1 PG Trevon Duval's 'Allen Iverson' crossover is next level

Trevon Duval's A.I. crossover can't be stopped. (Photo by Kelly Kline/Under Armour)"

Trevon Duval’s A.I. crossover can’t be stopped. (Photo: Kelly Kline, Under Armour)”

For Michael Jordan it was the tongue-wagging fade away jump shot, for Allen Iverson it was the ankle-breaking killer crossover and for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar it was the net-scorching sky hook; the recurring theme among all great players is great moves.

Every Monday we’ll scour the globe to check in with the country’s most elite players and have them spill the tea and break down one of the many sure-fire juke moves they implement throughout the course of a game.

This week we caught up with Advanced Prep International’s (Dallas) Trevon Duval, who is ranked No. 1 among point guards and No. 4 overall in the ESPN 60.

THE MOVE: The Iverson Ankle-Breaker

THE EXECUTION: “Wow, I don’t know if I want to give this one away! OK, this is my left-to-right crossover. I grew up watching a lot of streetball and the Allen Iverson crossover that he did against Michael Jordan is the one. I use it mostly to get into the lane or to get a shot off. I whip it across really fast and it catches the defense off guard.”

THE SELL: “It’s very rare that someone can stop this one.”

Here’s how Trevon Duval gets it done.

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