Nicolet Bank Spotlight: Algoma's Delorit

Nicolet Bank Spotlight: Algoma's Delorit


Nicolet Bank Spotlight: Algoma's Delorit


Algoma senior Baleigh Delorit

Algoma senior Baleigh Delorit

Algoma senior Baleigh Delorit

Algoma senior Baleigh Delorit

Baleigh Delorit was a little nervous being the center of attention while signing her national letter of intent on Tuesday in front of a crowd of family and friends.

The Algoma senior feels more comfortable on the basketball court, specifically behind the 3-point arc.

The Northern Michigan University recruit shot 45.2 percent from 3-point range last season in league play on the way to earning Packerland Conference player of the year honors.

Delorit helped the Wolves win a WIAA Division 4 state title in 2013 and finish as the D4 state runners-up in 2014 at the Resch Center. She averaged 15.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.5 steals as a junior to lead Algoma to the D4 sectional finals.

The 5-foot-9 guard’s experience in big games is a big reason why the Wolves have a shot at winning a 10th consecutive conference title this season and the potential to make another deep playoff run.

Delorit, who also plays volleyball and softball, discusses her team, tap-dance lessons and hurdles in this week’s senior spotlight.

What’s going to be the biggest key to your team’s success this season?

Our biggest key is to get all the younger kids to fill the roles they need to fill for us to be successful. They need to step up and do their jobs and practice hard every day.

You’re one of two seniors and one of three returning letter winners on team. Do you feel any extra pressure as one of the only players with varsity experience heading into the year?

Definitely. We have to show them the ropes. We’ve been through it all, and they haven’t. We just need to show them what they need to do to succeed.

What do you remember about being put in the varsity lineup early in your freshman year?

I was pretty nervous. But I knew if I didn’t belong there (Algoma coach Mark Zastrow) wouldn’t have put me there, so I just tried to have confidence.

Coach said you’re very composed on the court. How do you manage to keep a level head in any situation?

I guess it’s just who I am. That’s how I’ve always been. I just try to stay composed and get the job done.

Which side of the family do you feel you got most your athletic genes from?

I think my dad for sure. I’ve seen pictures of him and he was pretty buff in high school. … He did track. He was really good in hurdles. I know he went to state a few times in those. My brother and my sister did hurdles, too.

Have you ever tried doing the hurdles?

In middle school I did track. I was like first in the conference (during the season). It came down to the conference meet, and I fell in that race. It was pretty embarrassing. It was like right in the middle, so everyone passed me.

I take it that was your last track and field meet, correct?

Yeah, last one ever.

What’s your earliest memory of playing basketball?

I remember we used to put up a square, like in an archway in our house, and my brother and me would always try to jump up and dunk it. He could dunk it of course, but I couldn’t. The first day I could actually touch it I still remember that.

Algoma senior guard Baleigh Delorit helped her team make back-to-back WIAA Division 4 state championship game appearances at the Resch Center as a freshman and sophomore.

Algoma senior guard Baleigh Delorit helped her team make back-to-back WIAA Division 4 state championship game appearances at the Resch Center as a freshman and sophomore.

What is the most memorable play you’ve been a part of?

I would say the (Taylor Schmidt) shot to beat Kewaunee. I was on the court (as a freshman), but I was way on the other side. I still remember it all. I remember in the huddle I was so scared, and Kennedy (Blahnik) trying to tell Zug that we did not have enough time for that. But we got it done. I was in the way opposite corner, and I saw Schmidty put it up, and I knew it was going in right away.

What’s something most people might not know about you?

I had dance lessons (as a kid). I don’t know how long I did them for, but I remember I did that a lot. It was like tap dance and ballet type of stuff.

What would you change about your school?

I would change being able to have more than one gym class in a semester.

How do you feel about the change the WIAA made to contest games using halves instead of quarters?

I’ve played (club) ball since fifth grade, and that’s always the way it’s been, two halves, so I’m pretty used to it. Some teammates might have to get adjusted to it because it’s less timeouts, less breaks for you, so you have to get in better shape.

Do you have a major you’re interested in studying at NMU?

I’m going into sports science. That can take me into athletic training or physical therapy. I’ve always liked sports, and I really love science, so I’m just going into the medical field and combing those.

So, you do have a favorite class besides gym, right?

Yeah, biology.

The NMU campus is home to the world’s largest wooden dome, the Superior Dome, which is located along the Lake Superior shoreline. What stood out to you about the campus?

It’s kind of like Algoma. I wasn’t expecting that at all but was really happy with it. It wasn’t too big. It wasn’t too small. It wasn’t too far away.

What kind of superstitions or rituals do you have for games?

I tend to wear the same thing every gameday – headband, shoes, socks. Everything is the same, head to toe.

Which teammate could survive on a deserted island?

I feel like Shauna Slaby could. She’s really outgoing. You never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. I don’t know how that could help her on an island, but she’s really strong and seems like she would be good on her own.

Who is the best dressed person on the team?

Anna Dier. I remember coming into freshman year, I always just wanted to wear sweatpants to school. She told me, ‘No, you can’t do that.’ She dresses up like pretty much every day.

Which teammate would you entrust to take care of a pet?

Probably Lydia Olejniczak. She is a total animal lover. I would trust her with any pet. She has a dog, a three year old, and that is her life.

Who is the most polite person on the team?

Probably Karina Naze. She’s so quiet, but really polite and respectful.

Which teammate would you bring on a road trip across the country?

Probably Anna Dier again. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember. We’ve been playing basketball since second grade together. We’ve just been through it all.


Class: Mr. Graf’s gym class

Food: Chicken Alfredo

TV show: “Friends”

Movie: “Remember the Titans”

Actor: Josh Hartnett in “Pearl Harbor”

Singer: Ed Sheeran

App: Snapchat

Athlete: North Carolina guard Marcus Paige

Coach’s comment

“She’s got a great attitude. She’s even-keeled. You don’t see her get all jacked up. I get all wired, but she doesn’t do that. That’s a strength of hers because she’s always ready and doesn’t get on an emotional rollercoaster. She’s been consistent and one of those rocks for our program. She’s been a kid we’ve been able to rely on. You know she’s going to shoot the ball well. Very seldom has she not been able to shoot the basketball. Her performance on the court, you know what you’re going to get,” Zastrow said. and follow him on Twitter @andrewpekarek.

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