Notre Dame OT commit Tommy Kraemer tried to eat a 5-pound reuben sandwich, almost pulled it off

Tommy Kraemer made national news in October of 2014 when he became the first official pledge to Notre Dame’s Class of 2016. At the time, we noted that the Cincinnati Elder offensive lineman was a rather large fellow who was fond of all three meals (with snacks in-between). Even with that foreword, we were greatly underestimating Kraemer’s gastrointestinal capacity.

In a segment for Bleacher Reporter seen above, Kraemer visited Izzy’s Deli in Cincinnati to eat its famous 110th anniversary five-pound rueben sandwich. Here’s a full description of the sandwich and how it’s made, but these are the gory nutritional details:

— 5,852 calories

— 1.5 pounds of corned beef

— 2 pounds of baked good (buns)

—  8 ounces of potato (in a giant potato pancake)

— 8 ounces of sauerkraut

— 4 ounces of cheese

— 4 ounces of Thousand Island dressing

Four ounces of Thousand Island dressing! Sheesh. If that doesn’t make you a bit queasy, well, you must really love Thousand Island. Evidently Kraemer really loves Thousand Island dressing, because he attacked the sandwich with the skill and strategy of a professional competitive eater. He focused on the beef and potato first, holding off on the bun. And he properly fasted to prepare as well, holding off from all meals from 4 p.m. one day until lunch the following. That’s an eternity for an offensive lineman.

In the end, Kraemer couldn’t quite polish off the sandwich, though he did eat all of the meat, potato and cheese. And apparently much of that Thousand Island dressing. Plenty of kraut left to go around, though. And bun. Two pounds of bun, holy cow.

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