Parent Night is a Success

Parent Night is a Success


Parent Night is a Success

By Nick Braccia


By Nick Braccia

Photo Credit: Saint Athanasius School                               Photo Credit: Saint Athanasius School

Wednesday, September 9, Charlotte Catholic hosted its annual parent night, an event at which parents have the opportunity to meet their children’s teachers and walk through their schedules.

The evening started with a short presentation in the gym which was immediately followed by homeroom. There, parents received their child’s schedule and received information from the homeroom teachers. After homeroom, parents walked through their child’s schedule, spending about 10 minutes in each class. Each teacher gave a short presentation about the class and talked to the parents about themselves, their backstory, what prompted them to become educators, and guidelines and expectations for the class. If time permitted, parents had the opportunity to talk with and ask their student’s teachers questions.

Ms. Chamberlain, a freshman and sophomore history teacher said, “I went over the grading policy, the syllabus, and a summary of the course. I also went over the types of essays that we will go over during the course of the year. I find this night an important event because it allows me meet the parents of my students.”

All administration was present at the event and assisted parents in locating the correct classroom. Members of the student council were also present and helped walk and direct parents to their class classrooms.

Assistant Principle Mr. Carpenter said “Charlotte Catholic hosts parent night because it gives parents an opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and understand that expectations for the course.” He also said “I beehive that the event was successful and that every parent, no matter which grade their student was in, benefited from the event.”

Lynn Polian, a Kindergarten teacher at St. Patricks Elementary School and a mother of two at Charlotte Catholic, said “I believe parent night is very important for the parents but also for the teachers. Having participated in this event as both a teacher and a parent, I understand how important it is for parents to meet and learn about their children’s teachers.”

Sophomore class president John Roselli said, “I think parent night is one of the more important events put on by the school because it allows parents to meet our teachers and experience a simulated day at school.” Parents would not have an opportunity to learn about their students classes and teachers before parent-teacher conferences. Many parents commented on how respectful the student council members were. It was a successful night for teachers and parents.


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