Physical Education classes give students more options

Physical Education classes give students more options


Physical Education classes give students more options



Aerobic Fitness and Dance class instructed by Mrs. Kelly Tate

Prior to the 2013-2014 school year, the options to fulfill the physical education requirement were very limited. The Physical Education department wanted to provide more individualized options for students. Because of this, Aerobic Fitness and Weight Training classes were added. Both classes have the same common goal which is to develop and educate students on lifelong fitness skills.

“We just wanted to expand what we are offering as a department. Both of those classes are lifelong fitness based and individual. We were looking to offer a class that maybe isn’t interested in playing an individual or team sport, but is interested in working out,” Physical Education teacher, Mr. Adam Rosenwald said.

In the Aerobic Fitness and Dance class students are exposed to different types of aerobic exercises every day of the week for one semester. The exercises include, but are not limited to, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga or Pilates, Dance, Bootcamp, Stepboxing and Bocu.

The class which take place in the dance studio attached to GYM A are taught by Mrs. Kelly Tate who is a certified Aerobics instructor.

“I believe that kids should learn lifetime fitness skills so you feel confident going and joining a gym and taking different classes. This class is individual, students get to work out, and pick their own goals and its fun,” Tate said.

Students enjoy this class option because it has the potential to change the way someone views fitness and it shows real time results such as weight loss and toned muscles. Though fun, the class is something that may come across as difficult to some at the beginning.

“[Aerobic Fitness] is much harder than I expected. We do a great variety of workouts that actually get us into shape,” senior Kailey Woistman said.

The Principles of Weight Training is taught by Rosenwald. It is designed for students to develop their own fitness plan that is safe and sound according to exercise science principles and maximizing efficiency.

“The idea here is developing a knowledge base on the proper way to design a workout. The principles we use, we apply them to weight lifting, but they are the same principles of conditioning that apply to any type of exercise program,” Rosenwald said.

The end goal for students is to create their own fitness plan towards the end of the semester. There’s a lot of one-on-one feedback for these plans to make sure the plans are safe and effective.

“I’m taking it again this year in the second semester. I took it again because I thought it was really fun and enjoyable. Also, I play sports and with that I need a lot of strength training and I learn how muscles work in this class,” senior Sean Langer said.

Though each class offers its own approach to fitness every physical education class offered has benefits. When it comes down to it, the amount you get out of the class depends on whether or not a student puts forth their best effort.

“All of the offerings through the Physical Education department are important. Each of the specific classes has different pluses and minuses, just like anything else,” Rosenwald stresses.


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