Prep roundup: Lakeview ‘A’ sweeps at P-Central quad

Prep roundup: Lakeview ‘A’ sweeps at P-Central quad


Prep roundup: Lakeview ‘A’ sweeps at P-Central quad


The Lakeview ‘A’ wrestling team was tested on Wednesday at the Portage Central quad, but the Spartans still came away with a pair of victories to remain unbeaten in the SMAC East Conference.

Lakeview posted a 36-28 victory over Portage Northern as well as a 65-9 blowout of host Portage Central. The Spartans are now 17-3 overall and 4-0 in the SMAC East.

Complete results from the matches can be found below.


Portage Central Quad

Lakeview ‘A’ 36, Portage Northern 28

103: Brendan Stevens (L) void; 112: Caleb Riggs (PN) f. Danny New 3:59; 119: Patrick Thang (L) md. Jarrett Talbott 10-3; 125: Nolan Smith (PN) md. Anthony Barron 18-7; 130: Evan Schroader (PN) d. Mason Evans 11-6; 135: Brandon Rose (L) d. Carter Gentry 5-2; 140: Matthew Heaps (PN) d. Htay Thet 3-2; 145: Brendan Gooding (L) d. Nick Prouise 7-5; 152: Stephon Moody (L) f. Tim Pham 5:00; 160: Jon Cox (L) f. Ca, Pietrzykowski 2:49; 171: Marius Vanderhoff (PN) f. Zach Norstrom 3:48; 189: James Ruanta (L) f. Ugo Nwabgo 2:42; 215: Cole Winters (L) d. Evan Andrews 8-3; 285: Tyguam Mills (PN) f. Matt Barrett 5:49.

Lakeview ‘A’ 65, (at) Portage Central 9

103: Brendan Stevens (L) f. Brennen Gadock :18; 112: Danny New (L) f. Drew Fuller 1:53; 119: Patrick Thang (L) void; 125: Garrett Stace (PC) d. Anthony Barron 11-6; 130: Mason Evans (L) f. Drew Goretzka 5:12; 135: Dante Latora (PC) f. Brandon Rose 3:00; 140: Htay Thet (L) tf. Hayden Bernardin 16-0; 145: Brendan Gooding (L) f. Matt Nolan :50; 152: Stephon Moody (L) f. Roman Ziwifrzchowski :58; 160: Charles Phillips (L) void; 171: Jon Cox (L) f. Tyler Hughes 1:12; 189: Zach Norstrom (L) d. Zach Griffen 7-0; 215: James Ruanta (L) d. Dominic Wilson 7-0; 285: Cole Winters (L) void.

Record: Lakeview 4-0 SMAC East.

Portage Central Quad

Portage Northern 42, B.C. Central 27

103-Francisco Lemus (BC) p. Williams :39. 112-Riggs (PN) p. Zach Overton :50. 119-Talbot (PN) p. Chris Aguilera 3:55. 125-Smith (PN) d. Antonio Postell 4-2. 130-Schroeder (PN) d. Donovan Marshall 11-9. 135-Peter Harris (BC) p. Gentry 3:40. 140-Heaps (PN) p. Jamieson Browne 5:00. 145-Keshawn Canales (BC) p Prowse 2:29. 152-PN won by void. 160-Kenny Grayer (BC) d. Piertzykowski 8-2. 171-Jacob Taylor (BC) d. Vanderhoff 9-6. 189-Adis Garza (Bc) p. Mondonx 3:35. 215-Michael Pettis (BC) d. Andrews 6-4. 285-Mills (PN) won by void.

B.C. Central 51, Portage Cental 24

103-Lemus (BC) p. Garlouk 1:25. 112-Fuller (PC) p. Overton 1:19. 119-Aguilera (BC) won by void. 125-Stace (PC) p. Alejandro Lemus 1:45. 130-Marshall (BC) p. Goretzka 1:30. 135-Latora (PC) p. Harris 3:16. 140-Browne (BC) p. Bernardine 3:43. 145-Canales (BC) p. Nolan 1:35. 152-Zwierzchowski (PC) won by void. 160-Grayer (BC) won by void. 171-Taylor (BC) p. Hughes 1:02. 189-Garza (BC) p. Griffin 1:12. 215-Pettis (BC) d. Wilson 11-5. 285-Double void. Record: Battle Creek Central 4-10, 2-2.

Harper Creek quad

Pennfield 51, (at) Harper Creek 30

103: Terry Vette (HC) void; 112: Kurtis Babcock (P) f. Dakota Trimm 2:52; 119: Dylan Huff (P) d. Mitch Coon 10-8; 125: Jaycob Herpin (P) f. Skyler Ashley 2:19; 130: Brenner Beck (HC) f. Joe Mexico 1:07; 135: Nate Sisler (P) void; 140: Joey Ramos (HC) f. Dillon Striplin 2:44; 145: Jacob Bishop (HC) f. Isaac Vincent 1:08: 152: Jake Davis (P) f. Darren Marsh 1:03; 160: Esteban Gancer (P) f. Ethan Supernant :58; 171: Storm Vanhyfte (P) f. Wyatt Durham 3:55; 189: Trent Smith (P) f. Caleb Masten 1:36; 215: Nick Schwarz (P) f. Hunter Kolassa :47; 285: Taylor Dean (P) f. Drew Michaels 1:00.

Parma Western 40, Harper Creek 28

103: Terry Vette (HC) f. Perez 1:07; 112: Putnam (PW) md. Dakota Trimm 19-7; 119: Mitch Coon (HC) md. Lawhorn 14-4; 125: Skyler Ashley (HC) d. Welker 5-2; 130: Raczkowski (PW) f. Brenner Beck 3:09; 135: Nate Sisler (HC) d. Smith 8-2; 140: Beldt (PW) d. Joey Ramos 7-3; 145: Jacob Bishop (HC) f. Plate 3:48; 152: Boyd (PW) d. Darren Marsh 11-5; 160: Stokely (PW) f. Ethan Supernught 1:34; 171: Wyatt Durham (HC) void; 189: Brower (PW) f. Caleb Masten :33; 215: Cooley (PW) f. Mason Phillips 1:07; 285: Catt (PW) f. Drew Michaels :57.

Record: Harper Creek 0-6 Interstate Eight.

Maple Valley Quad

Lakeview B 63, Stockbridge 12

103-Chase Seeley (L) won by void. 112-Shem Thang (L) p. Dunlap 1:02. 119-Justine Seeley (L) p. Hoard 1:22. 125-Snyder (S) d. Lal Lian 6-3. 130-Bounte (S) d. Connor Caswell 9-2. 135-Kanta Yoshino (L) p. Schray 3:16. 140-Daterell Williams (L) won by void. 145-Best (S) p. Jasmine Harvey 2:34. 152-Justyn Jones (L) won by void. 160-Zach Johnson (L) won by void. 171-Brady Broderick (L) won by void. 189-Kyle Brown (L) won by void. 215-Jacob Buschlen (L) won by void. 285-Kyle Starkweather (L) d. Palk 2-1.

Lakeview B 50, Maple Valley 21

102-C. Seeley (L) won by void. 112-Thang (L) won by void. 119-J. Seeley (L) d. Nate Baird 12-9. 125-Lian (L) won by void. 130-Caswell (L) d. Kodde Crouch 3-0. 135-Yoshino (L) d. Levi Roush 2-0. 140-Wyatt Baird (MV) d. Harvey 4-2. 145-Frankie Ulrich (MV) p. Williams 3:38. 152-Johnson (L) p. Jason Bassett 5:01. 160-Jones (L) tf. Bryce Bianall 18-1. 171-Broderick (L) won by void. 189-Brown (L) won by void. 215-Austin Creller (MV) p. Buschlen 1:19. 285-Holden Creller (MV) p. Starkweather 1:58.


Delton Kellogg 52, (at) Maple Valley 46 (Tue.): Landon Grizzle finished with 17 points in the non-conference road win for Delton Kellogg. Also for the Panthers (3-4), Cogan McCoy had 12 points and Leighton Tobias had 11. Maple Valley was led by Andrew Brighton with 23 points.



BOYS’ BASKETBALL: Springport at Athens, Union City at Jonesville

BOYS’ SWIMMING: B.C. Central at P-Northern, Loy Norrix at Lakeview, Sturgis at Marshall

BOWLING: Pennfield at Marshall


BOYS’ BASKETBALL: Loy Norix at B.C. Central, Calhoun Christian at Marshall Academy, Marshall at Harper Creek, Lakeview at Gull Lake, Pennfield at Lumen Christi, Climax-Scotts at St. Philip, Athens at Bronson, Bellevue at Colon, Coldwater at Charlotte, Comstock at Delton Kellogg, Galesburg-Augusta at Parchment, Quincy at Homer, Maple Valley at Perry, Olivet at Stockbridge, J-Christian at Tekonsha

GIRLS’ BASKETBALL: Loy Norrix at B.C. Central, Calhoun Christian at Marshall Academy, Marshall at Harper Creek, Lakeview at Gull Lake, Pennfield at Lumen Christi, Climax-Scotts at St. Philip, Springport at Athens, Bellevue at Colon, Coldwater at Charlotte, Bellevue at Colon, Comstock at Delton Kellogg, Galesburg-Augusta at Parchment, Quincy at Homer, Maple Valley at Perry, Olivet at Stockbridge, Union City at Jonesville


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