Q&A | Borden’s Nestor talks leadership, influence

Q&A | Borden’s Nestor talks leadership, influence


Q&A | Borden’s Nestor talks leadership, influence


Borden’s Kristen Nestor, the only senior on the girls basketball team, will lead the Braves (16-7) into Class A regional action against No.14 Springs Valley on Saturday. Nestor is a deadly 3-point shooter who averages 13.3 points per game, and she’s drawn 16 charging calls this season. Borden has never won a regional championship.

Courier-Journal: Borden suffered a loss at Springs Valley in the final game of the regular season. How do you approach the rematch?

Kristen Nestor: I think we’ll spend a lot of time looking back on what we did in the first game. We’re going to come out strong with a lot of fire from the beginning. That’s what we did in the sectional, and hopefully we’ll get the result we want.

What’s the secret for your shooting percentage from long range?

I love to shoot. I’ve shot about 500 shots a day, and that helps a lot. My teammates do a good job of finding me on the perimeter, and my job is to put the ball in the hole.

As the only senior, you have to be a good leader. What is the key to good leadership?

To be a leader, you have to encourage your teammates and be positive, even if the outcome isn’t what you want it to be. It’s a big role. I had to step into the place of four seniors we lost from last year, and it’s been fun. I believe if you keep your teammates up in spirit, you play well. When you’re positive, you play together. A team of best friends is unstoppable.

What’s the excitement level to play for a program like Borden?

It’s amazing. Our community is really good. They’re always pulling for us. We have a great group. It’s amazing to play in a community where basketball is everything. It’s a great atmosphere and I love playing in it.

What has pointed you toward a career in education?

I’m a cadet teacher for kindergarten, and I love the kids. They’re all really sweet, and I want to do something to be around kids. I also want to get into coaching basketball. That’s something I’m looking forward to doing.

What have you learned from playing high school sports?

You definitely learn how to work with other people, no matter who they are. It becomes a great friendship when you connect with all these girls. You learn so much from coaches. If you’re willing to learn, they teach you a lot. I’ve learned so much and I love it. I hope to pass that on.

Is there a person who has been a great influence in your life?

It’s definitely Coach (Terry) Rademacher. Even off the court, he’s taught me a lot. From being my math teacher to showing me how to be a leader, he’s helped me out. On the court, when I’m willing to listen, he teaches me so much.

Is there another side of Coach Rademacher that the public doesn’t get to see as much?

Oh, yes. He’s a really funny guy. When you’re around him at practice, or outside of school when we have parties at his house, he’s really funny and laid back. He’s a sweet guy. I wish other people could see that, but I also like how other people see the straightforwardness in him. The girls know he has another side, and that makes us feel better.


School: Borden

Year: Senior

Family: parents Kim and Luther Washington; brother David (19); sisters Haley (16) and Victoria (13)

Student/athlete: Kristen is a member of the National Honor Society and Outdoor Club. She also plays softball. She plans to sign to play basketball with St. Mary’s of the Woods and major in education.

Coach Terry Rademacher: Kristen is a great leader, even before her senior year. She’s a very good player who contributes statistically and she’s a very good student. It’s a fair assessment that she’s the glue to the team.



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