Russell Westbrook-inspired sleeves are the key to De'Aaron Fox's dominance

De'Aaron Fox — YouTube screen shot

De’Aaron Fox’s new superstitious accessories have him rolling. (Photo: YouTube screen shot)

Last December, De’Aaron Fox forgot to sport his white headband for a game; Cypress Lakes (Katy, Texas) got the win, but Fox, a point guard who is ranked No. 10 overall in the ESPN 100, played “terrible.”

“I couldn’t get anything going,” Fox recalled. “I learned my lesson after that game. Can’t forget my headband.”

When the Spartans played the next day, Fox threw on his headband and dropped 50 points in a win.

“I definitely feel like I’m pretty superstitious,” Fox said. “After that I never played without my headband. That worked out great.”

Until the weekend of April 10 when Fox suited up with Houston Hoops AAU in the first session of the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League in Hampton, Va.

“Man I had my headband on and just didn’t play well at all,” Fox said. “After that I had to retire the headband. Haven’t worn it since.”

Instead he opted for the Russell Westbrook-inspired arm sleeve and leg sleeve for the second session of the EYBL in Lexington, Ky.

The result?

“I got first team all EYBL in Lexington,” Fox said. “Russell Westbrook’s my favorite player; haven’t taken the arm sleeve or leg sleeve off since.”

Superstitions in sports are almost as common as dunks and touchdowns; everyone from Michael Jordan to Serena Williams to Jason Giambi were and are famous for their good luck charms.

After he won Gatorade Male Athlete of the Year last week, Texas A&M freshman quarterback Kyler Murray revealed the key reason for his 43-0 record as a starter at Allen (Allen, Texas), his three state titles with MVP’s to match and even Gatorade’s prestigious award.

“My necklace and cross,” Murray said. “I wear it during every game. My mom got it for me, and it’s definitely my good luck charm; can’t play without it.”

Fox can certainly relate to the feeling.

He recently starred at the prestigious Nike Peach Jam, averaging 19 points, five rebounds and six assists a game.

And, yes, both sleeves were in play.

“Like I said, I’m superstitious so I wanted to get something else to wear to help me out,” Fox said. “This has definitely been working out for me so I’m gonna ride this one out until I feel like it’s not helping anymore. I’m liking how I’m playing with the two sleeves though.”

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