Scary incident at Auburn-Opelika rivarly game in Alabama

Police in Opelika, Ala., say there is no evidence of a gun being involved in a scary incident that led to the field being cleared and fans running from the stands Friday night during a game between Opelika and Auburn, according to the Opelika-Auburn News.

The incident led to some tense moments for fans and players. At one point, social media was buzzing with a report that multiple gunshots were fired. That proved to be erroneous.

A fight broke out in the stands on the home side of the field between some students, police chief John McEachern told the newspaper.

“We identified a couple of students and ejected them from here, and all the sudden someone hollered ‘gun.’ We cannot confirm that there was ever a gun,” he said. “Everybody took off running,”

McEachern said no one was taken into custody.

Opelika public relations coordinator Becky J. Brown also said there was no evidence of a gun.

The game resumed shortly thereafter and was finished without incident. Opelika won 31-30 in the 90th meeting between the schools.

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