Scholars share thoughts on Fellowship

Scholars share thoughts on Fellowship


Scholars share thoughts on Fellowship

By Leroy Ellis


By Leroy Ellis

Fellowship is a three-week opportunity where Chavez juniors have the chance to work at the place of their choice and build up professional skills.

Ms. Remick, Chavez’s Experiential Learning Manager, had positive things to say about the experience. “If you do fellowship it can decide what career you wanna do in college,” she said.

As students enter into their junior year at Chavez, the students are expected to complete Fellowship in order to be credited as a senior for the next school year. Having the experience of doing Fellowship can mean a lot.

“As a former junior I have learned a lot while I was in the process of completing Fellowship,” senior Destini Vaughn said. “While doing Fellowship, I had the chance to work at Metro Teen AIDS.

“I mostly did a lot of community based activities that had involved people in the DC Metropolitan Area.”

This opportunity allows juniors to build up professional skills. Not only does it do that, it gives them the chance to have experience in the working environment.

On the other hand, there are some career paths that are not represented.

“I feel as though that if someone is interested in Fashion, there should be a handful of career choices that deal with fashion,” junior Alexus Grear said. “The teacher has not talked about fellowship and also the teacher focuses on behavior problems rather than education.”

Unfortunately, Grear is worried that she isn’t prepared for her Fellowship experience. But fortunately, according to Remick, Fellowship provides more successes than not.

“Taking ownership and valuing this Fellowship as a learning experience is the most important thing that makes an 11th Grade Junior successful in Fellowship.”


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