Shaler Area stage visited by ghosts of Christmas

Shaler Area stage visited by ghosts of Christmas


Shaler Area stage visited by ghosts of Christmas


Junior Dan Bittner as Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, played by senior Natalee Junker

Shaler Area put on the famous play “A Christmas Carol” last weekend with a total of four performances.

“We had a very successful weekend. Our experimental Thursday show brought in over 300 audience members. Our matinee, which is usually meekly attended, boasted a full and robust crowd,” director Anne Loudon said.

Kristen Susany, the other director, believes that Saturday night was the best performance since it was the seniors’ last night on stage. They channeled their emotions into the play, and it took the play to another level of emotion.

“Saturday night was definitely my favorite performance, and I think the best performance on everybody’s account. Everybody was sort of was feeling like it was their final show so everyone was in the zone,” junior Dan Bittner said.

Bittner played the lead as Ebenezer Scrooge. On stage, he walked in with a cane, and his face was covered in makeup to give him the look of an old man. It was a new experience for him to play an old man, which really helped him grow as an actor.

“I think by the time we reached our fourth show that it was the best it could be and the best it was,” Bittner.

Bittner enjoyed performing the scene when the Ghost of Christmas Present appears, and Scrooge banters with her. The end of Act I when elder Scrooge watches a younger version of himself break up with his fiancée was also one of his favorite scenes to act out.

The actors are not the only ones who enjoy the play. Susany and Loudon both enjoy curtain call because of the pride on the actors’ faces as they receive applause.

“Curtain call gets me every time. When I see the cast and crew take their bow, I know how hard they have worked to perfect the show, the hours and hours and hours of rehearsal, the late nights, the frustrations. But when it’s finished, the rousing applause and cheers, the audience standing, the actors’ faces resonating with joy, that’s all I need,” said Loudon.



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