SMU has "team of people" monitoring recruits' social media

SMU has "team of people" monitoring recruits' social media

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SMU has "team of people" monitoring recruits' social media


Remember that saying, “You are what you eat?” In the world of college football recruiting, now you are what you Tweet.

That was the very direct message sent out by SMU defensive coordinator Van Malone, who Tweeted out an analysis report of an identity-blinded prospect on Wednesday. The report showcased a comprehensive breakdown of all the different types of Tweets the prospect sent out, going into detail about the circumstances behind them. Among other traits, the report notes when re-Tweets from the prospect included profane language. It’s pretty exhaustive.

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And, according to Malone, it isn’t alone. The assistant coach said that SMU compiles similar reports on all its prospective recruits. That’s a level of accountability that has been missing at some institutions in the past, and which could even cost a player a scholarship if he falls too far outside the lines of what the school deems acceptable.

Clearly, this kind of sleuthing and verification isn’t going away any time soon, so recruits might as well get used to it now. Get on the bus now, kids. Be careful what you Tweet, post and promote. Your future college coaches may be watching.


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