Soaring into summer with the greatest of ease

Soaring into summer with the greatest of ease


Soaring into summer with the greatest of ease


Summer is a time for adventuring and trying new things. That’s exactly what soon-to-be juniors Courtney and Chloe Hogan did when they decided to try out flying trapeze.

One Sunday afternoon in late July, they galvanized some of their close friends and headed up to Seattle. “I wanted to try something new that I had never done before,” Courtney Hogan explained on why she wanted to go try flying trapeze.

When they arrived at Emerald City Trapeze Arts, they were confronted by a 20,000 square foot historic space. This space included a large rope net that stretched all across the main floor. At the top, where they would be jumping onto the trapeze bar, it was almost 30 feet off the ground.

The girls learned the most basic trick, the knee-hang. They practiced their technique on the ground bar before heading up the 30-foot ladder. Their stomachs turned with anxiety as they glanced upward to where they would be performing.

Some of the girls were afraid that they would not be able to perform the trick because they were not flexible enough or didn’t have enough core strength. “Don’t worry,” the instructor, Chelsea Whalen, said, “it’s all about timing and momentum. You don’t need to be strong or flexible.”

Whalen harnessed Chloe Hogan into the safety ropes and she bustled with excitement. “Ready…hup!” Whalen said.Hogan flew through the air and followed the commands that she was taught. As she was swinging back toward Whalen, Hogan let go of the bar with her knees and was gracefully caught.

With her first trick complete the staff rang a cowbell and everyone cheered—Chloe Hogan was now a trapeze flyer.

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Soaring into summer with the greatest of ease
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