South Meck's Tuscan is no stranger to adversity, triumph

South Meck's Tuscan is no stranger to adversity, triumph


South Meck's Tuscan is no stranger to adversity, triumph


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Baseball teams tend to take after their coaches, and that’s certainly the case with Jon Tuscan’s South Meck Sabres.

“We’ve got a scrappy bunch with a very hard working mindset,” said Tuscan.

That hard work has paid dividends over the past couple of years. The Sabres won the State Baseball Title back in 2013, the perfect ending to a trying season for Tuscan and his family.

“We were watching TV, my dog jumps in my lap and I’ve got a bunch of pain for a couple of days,” said Jon. Tuscan’s dog Mick made the lifesaving discovery that the Sabres’ head coach had testicular cancer and needed emergency surgery.

“It didn’t seem real at the time. A lot of it is just the question of what does that mean?”

Instead of worrying about himself, Tuscan’s thoughts were with his team.

“I knew it was the best team talent wise and experience wise that we’ve had. I’m thinking why does this have to happen now and get in the way,” said Tuscan.

Jon received the treatment he needed and drew on some inspiration from his mom, a fellow cancer survivor who beat ovarian cancer, to win his battle and return to the field.

“I knew once I got out of treatment, I had a great place to go and that gets you through all those long days,” said Tuscan.

Jon’s busy penciling in his new family lineup card these days, which includes a soon to be born baby girl named Ava.

“All our doctors said you might be able to have kids, you might not. We were in shock thinking this is awesome, this was meant to be.”


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