Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is not enthused by plan to name school after him

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for his stoic, Laconic, no-nonsense answers to questions on the sideline. In fact, one of his most lengthy answers of the year was delivered in response to a question about a San Antonio high school potentially replacing its Robert E. Lee namesake with Popovich himself.

You may be unsurprised to hear that Popovich himself is not a fan of the plan. Here’s what he told the San Antonio Express-News, via our friends at For The Win:

“You got to be kidding. Are you serious? I would hope that you would use all your muscle or whatever you have to squash that ridiculous idea as soon as humanly possible. Can you please do that for me? Squash that ridiculous idea right now. That is laughable.”

That was just the beginning. Popovich went on to say that he’s never even considered having a school named after him. He also blamed America’s larger obsession with fame for the fact that this entire issue is even up for public consumption. Here’s more from the Express-News:

“It’s probably the obsession America has with celebrity,” Popovich said. “If you reach any level of celebrity, there is going to be somebody who is going to take it too far, attach to you qualities that are not there, or glory you don’t deserve, that kind of crap. It happens all the time.”

That sure sounds like a man who is earnest in his opposition to an idea. Too bad the public doesn’t agree with him: The original petition calling for Robert E. Lee High School to be renamed Gregg Popovich High received more than 600 signatures with the aim of reaching 1,000. It’s scheduled to be discussed at a December 7 school district meeting, though Northeast Independent School District Director of Communications Aubrey Chancellor poured some cold water on a potential name change, saying that, “The school board has not even discussed whether there should be a new name,” and “petitions do not typically factor into naming schools.”

At least one person will be thrilled to hear that: Gregg Popovich.

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