State basketball predictions: 5A boys and girls

Vote for the Class 5A boys and girls squads you think will advance in the basketball state tournament

KUSA – Vote for the high school basketball teams you think will advance to the next round in the state tournaments.

Boys begin Round 2 on Saturday, Feb. 28.  Check back later for Sweet 16 (Wednesday, March 4) predictions.  These polls will be open until midnight, Feb. 28.

5A Boys – Round 2 predictions 
Bill Weimar Pool:

Jim Baggot Pool:

Ray C. Ball Pool:

Chauncey Billups Pool:

Sidebar: halftime votes sure do bring some good luck. Honestly. 

Girls begin Sweet 16 play on Tuesday, March 3.  Check back later for Great 8 (Friday, March 6) predictions.  These polls will be open until midnight, March 3.

5A Girls – Sweet 16 Predictions 
Alice Barron Pool:

Rhonda Blanford-Green Pool:

Kaye Garms Pool:

Sharon Wilch Pool:

Click here to check out 5A boys and girls Round 1-2 tournament results. 

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