Students Love Long Weekends

Students Love Long Weekends


Students Love Long Weekends

Long Weekends Are a Popular Thing at CV


Long Weekends Are a Popular Thing at CV

Students love the weekend. There is no question about that. It’s the time you get away from the stresses of School, the time you get to hang out and chill.

However, there’s an added excitement when it’s a long weekend. Instead of just two days off, in most cases, you can get three days off! This of course, has proven to be a celebration of sorts for the students of Chartiers Valley High School.

Sophomore Stanislav Davyda explained why he liked longer weekends. “I can rest my mind and not worry about school and all of the stress that it brings.”

Junior Jordan Mokricky said the long weekend “is a time to just catch up on life and enjoy life away from school and stress,” adding on “I love hanging out with my friends, and Netlfix and chill.”

Longer weekends tend to be a good situation for students. It’s more time to enjoy hanging out with friends and family, while also having the time and ability to work on homework or projects that you may not be able to finish if it was just a two day weekend.

Long weekends also allow for the following week to be shorter because a day has been take off from the calendar.

However, it’s not the same for teachers. In most cases, a long weekend can be attributed to an in-service day. On an in-service day, students get the day off, while teachers don’t.

However, teachers still get the major holidays off, which is nice.

Overall, the students at Chartiers Valley love them, and they’ll be looking forward to one this coming weekend 10/10-10/12.





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