Students participate in All-State Choir performance

Students participate in All-State Choir performance


Students participate in All-State Choir performance


paige and tori

Junior Tori Lorenz and Sophomore Paige Milavec


Junior Tori Lorenz and sophomore Paige Milavec participated in the PMEA All-State Choir this past weekend in Hershey, PA.

PMEA is the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association in which students from over hundreds of school districts audition to perform in District, Region, and then finally to All-State choir.  Lorenz and Milavec are just two of the 36 members who made it into the All-State Choir and were ranked in the top 5 of their vocal sections.

The girls learned about 5 or 6 pieces and about 3 of them were chosen for their audition. Auditions are in a room with judges whose backs are turned making it a blind audition based solely on the students talent.

The audition process was slightly stressful for the girls but they were both relieved and shocked when they found out that they had made it.

“It was pretty terrifying but I went in and I sang to the best of my abilities,” Lorenz said when discussing the audition process.

Making it into the All-State choir is not an easy task. The last time a Shaler student attended the All-State festival was 3 years ago so for two underclassmen to be attending this year is a huge accomplishment.

“I’m excited because I love choir and the fact that I’m a sophomore and I made it was such a surprise,” Milavec said.

Choir Director Kristin Demsey is beyond proud of Lorenz and Milavec and enjoyed watching them perform.

“I’m really proud of the two students who are going to states and also how they are representing the program. I think they’re very good representatives of the program and what it’s coming into and especially for them to be underclassmen I think it’s really showing how it’s kind of coming up,” Demsey said.

PMEA has helped both students develop new musicianship skills and has given them an unforgettable experience.

“It’s made us both even better musicians by picking up more skills like learning music, singing music, and performing,” Lorenz said.

Practices are long and exhausting but pay off in the end when new friendships are made and a stellar performance is given.

“You get thrown in with a bunch of people you don’t know and everyone is so welcoming,” Lorenz said.

“It’s hard and exhausting but seeing everything come together in the end is so incredible and exciting,” Milavec said.

The final PMEA concert was this past weekend in Hershey, PA. Both Lorenz and Milavec plan to audition for PMEA again next year.


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