Students share thoughts and feelings on Professionalism Day

Students share thoughts and feelings on Professionalism Day


Students share thoughts and feelings on Professionalism Day

By Leroy Ellis


By Leroy Ellis

Photo used with permission by Stephanie Remick

Chavez juniors receive feedback and advice from a D.C. professional.

Professionalism Day is a day just for 11th graders. During the day, the juniors were allowed to get professionals to read over their resumes and practice interviews. The boys were at The Hill Center and the girls were located at The U.S. State Department.

The interviewees had a lot of thoughtful things to say.

“Meeting new people is what I enjoyed,” said junior Angal De La Rosa.

Sometimes, when people are in any type of environment they have to try new things.

“I am not used  to talking to strangers, but with the help of others, I was able to get through that,” said junior LaShawn Ellis.

Many people enjoyed Professionalism Day. It gave them them the chance to dress in a more professional manner.

“I saw great resumes, suits, ties, and positive attitude among the junior boys,” said 11th grade Seminar teacher Richard Navies.

Even though this can be someone’s first year experiencing Fellowship, there may be some things that Chavez students and teachers may enjoy.

“I enjoyed people helping me on my resume in order to make it better,” said Ellis.

Navies agreed.

“Yes I really enjoyed being there to support the young men as they practiced building skills that could serve them in Fellowship and as well as the world after High School,” said Navies.

On the other hand, sometimes people may have a couple of things that they would want to change.

“I would give Professionalism Day a 4.5 out of a 5,” Navies said. “It went really good overall, but nothing is ever perfect and unfortunately the guys didn’t receive breakfast like they were expecting.”

De La Rosa would have wanted to talk to more people, so that she could have been able to branch out her ideas.

Unfortunately, some kids weren’t able to arrive on time for Professionalism Day.

“I would like for it to be closer to school,” said De La Rosa.

Some students were upset because the boys and girls were separated.

“Somewhere the boys and girls can be at so that they can feel how it feels to work in a more diverse area,” said Ellis.

Lastly, Professionalism Day helped the 11th graders prepare for their futures.

“Professionalism Day has prepared them for the Interview Fair that is coming up in March,” said Navies.

In the end, Professionalism Day was a great success this year. Moreover, it will lead them towards a successful career path in the future and beyond.

Photos used with permission by Ms. Stephanie Remick.


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Students share thoughts and feelings on Professionalism Day
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