Swim Team Dives into the Season

Swim Team Dives into the Season


Swim Team Dives into the Season

By Emmy Hancock


By Emmy Hancock

The Charlotte Catholic swim team started their season off with a bit of a rocky start.  On December 7th both the Charlotte Catholic Men’s and Women’s swim team lost against the Providence and Olympic swim teams.  After a long meet, the team collectively lost by only thirteen points.

 Although the Women’s team has won the State Championship for the past fourteen years, the team will occasionally loses regular season meets when some of the stronger swimmers miss meets to attend their club competition.  A majority of swimmers on the team swim year-around for a club.  

 Mecklenburg Aquatics Center is by far the most popular and accredited swimming club in the Charlotte area.  There are many swimmers that swim there year around.  The prestigious swim clubs that some Catholic swimmers attend are huge factors that have led to the team’s success over the past fourteen years.

 Regardless of the loss, the team still excelled.  Freshman Olwyn Bartis had an incredible split of the 400 meter relay.  She swam four laps of freestyle in just 52.8 seconds.

 The meet was a close one and it all came down to the last few events.  Senior AnneMarie Bryson, who swam the 100 meter backstroke and 100 meter butterfly, said, “losing never feels good but there is definitely something that we can learn from this.  We lost to them last year as well during the regular season, so I am still hopefully for the rest of the season.”

 The swim team has never been know to make excuses for their loses.  However, there were some discrepancies in the timing of the meets.  A few swimmers were accidentally entered into the timing system as “exhibition swimmers,” meaning that they could not score and their events did not count.

 Junior Julia Sheridan, who swam the 50 meter freestyle, 100 meter freestyle, 200 freestyle, and 400 free relay, said, “I am still very proud of the team.  I think we still could’ve won if all the points counted because overall, I think we have a better team.  There is no point in dwelling on it because we still did great.”

 There were only 200 people allowed in the pool area because of the large number of swimmers participating in the three teams, so the team did not have the support from their friends and families that they are accustomed to.

Senior Jack Ruff who has been on the team for all four years said, “it is a shame that we did not win, however I have very high hopes that we will bounce back from this.  I was hoping that we could go undefeated for my senior year, but we will just have to work harder.  I still have faith in the team and our chances of going to and hopefully winning states.”

 Despite their close loss, the swim team still made their school proud with their determination and integrity.  The team still have many meets ahead of them. They hope to see some student support tonight at their meet against South Meck at Providence High School.

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