Teacher travels towards success

Teacher travels towards success


Teacher travels towards success

By: Vincent Watts


By: Vincent Watts

Katie Leonard, an 11th grade teacher at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School, is a teacher from New Jersey right outside of Glenrock.

Katie Leonard a ELA at chavez.

Katie Leonard a ELA at chavez.

“I moved to Washington, D.C. this summer to work on my Masters in Education,” she said.

Leonard is 25-years-old with no kids. She has her own place in Washington, D.C. and can go back and forth if she wants.   

“I already have a place at home with my parents in New Jersey,” Leonard said.

This her second official year of teaching.

“I been a teacher for four to five  years, just not full-time,” Leonard said. “I was a substitute and SAT teacher.”

Before Leonard was a teacher, she enjoyed theatre.

“I have been to over 40 broadway shows,” Leonard said.

In school, I did a lot of acting, singing, and dancing. My favorite play that I was in is called ‘My Favorite Year.’”

“I was in that play my senior year of college,” she said. “It was my favorite year and I had a lot of friends in the play. My best friend was the director.”

Leonard has more hobbies than just theatre.

“I love baking and love to find recipe on Pinterest,” she said. “I love eating my baking. Love sweets.”

Leonard loves to travel. She has visited a variety of countries, including Poland and England.
“I love to travel and went to Poland. A couple of years ago went to england.

“In 2012, I went to London for a Shakespeare class,” she said. “I went to go see Romeo and Juliet. I got a chance to go on stage and take a tour backstage.”  
She said the Shakespeare class was a great experience. She said another great experience has been teaching at Chavez. She said she loves the students and the staff.

“There is mutual respect in this community,” Leonard said. “I feel very special to be here with such wonderful staff. It’s a collaborative environment.”


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