The Best Friend: Kylie Johnson

The Best Friend: Kylie Johnson


The Best Friend: Kylie Johnson


Meeting your best friend is something you never forget, and I will never forget meeting Kylie Johnson in fourth grade. In fourth grade, everything in our lives changed for the good, we would hang out every single weekend and my family missed me sometimes.  It was like we were peas and carrots, as Forrest Gump would say. Since then nothing has changed, although we don’t hang out every weekend because of school and her cheerleading, but we do try to hang out and when we do it’s great.


Kylie Johnson is a fine example of an extraordinary student from Chartiers Valley High School. At Friday football games, Kylie is quite busy with trying to be on two teams at once. During the quarters of the game, Kylie is leading the cheerleaders with the help of the mascot, the Colt. Many of the girls on the cheer team look up to Kylie’s positivity. Junior, Brooke Fisher says “Kylie really is a vital part of the team and she makes the team look great.”


Immediately after the second quarter of the football game, Kylie joins the Showband, still in her cheerleading uniform. Kylie gets to showcase some cheerleading tricks within the showband, like her awesome dancing, and her amazing toe touches, all while she plays the Piccolo. Another senior on the Showband, Ryan Vrabel says” I think that it takes a lot of work to be able to do both things and memorize everything, Good for her.”


On Monday mornings, Kylie is back at school like the rest of Chartiers Valley. During her Senior Year, Kylie Raye is taking three AP classes. She is the leadership assistant to German 4, a class which she should be in.


Kylie Raye Johnson is such a great friend to have and it has been great growing with her since fourth grade. We may get on each other’s nerves sometimes but that’s true and good friendship, and I can’t wait to have that when we go out to Olive Garden together when we are 70.176106


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