The Interview: Michael Guido

The Interview: Michael Guido


The Interview: Michael Guido


Michael Guido is an up and coming sports writer in Chartiers Valley High School and editor for the school Newspaper. Michael has ran many sports writing organizations and took time to answer some questions so we can get to know the writer and get a preview of the road ahead for him.

  • What motivated you to write about the sports world?

It was really a matter of it being unique and different. I wanted to rise to be the best with something and this is what I chose to do because I enjoy it.

  • What is your favorite sport to write about and why?

Baseball; it is my favorite sport to watch and I’m most knowledgeable about the sport so it is easy for me to buy.

  • Where do you plan to go with this obvious writing talent of yours?

I plan to go to a 4-year college to major sports journalism and minor in sports management.

  • What should readers see from your articles that you try to emphasize on?

They can look forward to a clear opinion that gives a clear analysis of what is going on.

  • Are you working on any articles? What can we look forward to?

As of right now I’ll be taking a break until the end of the year but I am covering the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (Ultimate Frisbee Team) who are having a tryout this Saturday 12/11/15. I’ll be releasing a column all about it towards the end of the month recapping everything.

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