The Jayson Tatum Blog: Playing in the Hoophall Classic, being 'at home' at Duke and more

The Jayson Tatum Blog: Playing in the Hoophall Classic, being 'at home' at Duke and more

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The Jayson Tatum Blog: Playing in the Hoophall Classic, being 'at home' at Duke and more


Jayson Tatum is widely regarded as one of the most versatile and talented players in the country, regardless of class and is ranked No. 2 overall in the ESPN 100. He’s won two gold medals with USA Basketball (U17 and U19), was voted Biggest Matchup Problem by his peers after a dominant AAU season last year. Tatum, who recently committed to Duke, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

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What’s up y’all it’s Jay back with another blog!

I’m getting ready to start the season and just came back from a great visit to Duke so I’ve gotta tell y’all about it.

I went to Duke for Countdown to Craziness and I flew in on Saturday.

This trip was a lot different because it was my first time being at Duke as a committed recruit. I wasn’t nervous at all, I wasn’t weighing my options, I was just at home.

I was just hanging out with the players and joking around with the coaches. I was having a ball!

The fans were great!

I took A LOT of pictures and when I walked out with the other recruits the entire gym was chanting my name. Then the Cameron Crazies started chanting for me to come over and sit with them.

I just looked at the fellas and said, “I’ve gotta go!”

That was a cool experience because they were real crunk! The Cameron Crazies are, by far, the greatest fans!

Then after that they started calling the other recruits over to sit with them and they came. It was live!

Gary Trent and Wendell Carter were two of the recruits that were there and they both asked me why I picked Duke and I just told them that it was everything; the campus, the players, the coaches, the relationships that Coach K and the staff has with the players, all of that! It’s really a family there.

They told me that they were planning to play together so I was definitely working on them; but I know that they had a great time.

Wendell joked around with me a little bit about his AAU team beating mine for the Peach Jam title, but I told him if we played them again we’d beat them by 20!

Watching the team play at CTC I can tell y’all that Duke is gonna be really good again this year.

I think the player that’s gonna really surprise some people is Grayson Allen.

Of course he got off in the national title game, but he’s playing with a cockiness, in a good way, right now that is gonna really make him a star. Grayson is ready!

They just have so much talent, it’s scary.

It’s crazy to think that my senior season is about to start up, but I’m ready!

One of the biggest tournaments we’re playing in is the Hoophall Classic in January and I’m definitely ready for that one!

It’s just so much fun playing in that one because it’s on national TV and it’s against the best players in the country. Definitely looking forward to it!

Our season starts November 2, that’s the first day of practice, and our first game is December 3.

Like I told you guys last time I feel like we’ve got the talent to compete against anyone in the country so we just have to stick together and play to our potential and we’ll be fine all year.

OK, on the music side, y’all already know that I’m still on that Drake and Future. Then I definitely wanna tell y’all that The Game’s new album is real tough too! I’d check it out if you haven’t already.

OK, I’m gonna go ahead and get outta here, but I hope you liked reading about my visit to Duke; I can’t wait until I’m there officially!

I’ll be back soon with another blog.

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The Jayson Tatum Blog: Playing in the Hoophall Classic, being 'at home' at Duke and more
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