The Keion Joyner Blog: Visits, conquering science class, relationships with coaches and more

The Keion Joyner Blog: Visits, conquering science class, relationships with coaches and more

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The Keion Joyner Blog: Visits, conquering science class, relationships with coaches and more


Keion Joyner is the No. 1 linebacker and No. 5 overall prospect in the 247 Composite National rankings for 2016 and is one of the most feared hitters in the country. That’s got everyone from Auburn to Alabama to LSU to North Carolina to Florida and Florida State, among many others in hot pursuit. Joyner, a junior who hails from Havelock (N.C.), has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Keion Joyner Blog

What’s up everybody? It’s Keion coming back with another blog. This is my second one so I’ve gotta fill y’all in on what’s going on with me.

I’m just coming off spring break so that was cool to get some rest and not have to worry about books for a week. It was all about hitting the beach, sleeping and waking up for a grind session.

We don’t have that much longer and school will be out for the summer; I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Before that, though, I’ve gotta finish strong with my grades. Science has been rough for me all year, but this semester I’ve been putting in work and I’m feeling like I’ll end up with that A!

OK, I’ve got some visits coming up soon, I went to LSU this weekend for the spring game and I’m going to Texas A&M and Florida State too. I don’t have dates for the last two, but I’ll let you guys know when I do.

I’m definitely looking forward to the visits. I had been to LSU before. I’m originally from there so it’s basically a home environment and it gives me a chance to just hang around the coaches and players and to see my family that’s still there.

I just love the whole atmosphere there.

I’d have to say that the craziest atmosphere I’ve ever been in would have to be the Auburn-Alabama game. Just to be in that atmosphere was something everybody should experience. I remember I was going to the bathroom and next thing I know all I hear are big screams and they raced down and scored and I got surrounded by all of these crazy fans that were all excited.

It was just insane!

Right now my top four are, in no order, LSU, North Carolina, Texas A&M and Florida State.

I don’t really know what my plan is as far as deciding, but, for now, I’m just focusing on getting better and taking these visits.

I would have to say that the two coaches I talk to the most are Coach (Kevin) Steele at LSU and Coach (Brad) Lawing at Florida State.

It’s important to me to have close relationships with the coaches that I could be coming to play for. I feel like, at this point, those are the two coaches I’m closest to.

I feel like this summer is all about me getting better in every aspect. I want people to be able to see how much I improved when the season starts.

OK, I’ve gotta give Duke its props on winning the national title, but I can’t say that I was happy about it. When it comes to college basketball I’m a big UNC fan and I had my Tar Heels winning it!

It was kinda tragic to see those Blue Devils win it, but, at the same time, I was happy that we kept the national title in North Carolina.

On the music side I’m still listening to Lil’ Herb, that’s pretty much all I listen to just like I told you guys in the last blog so pick that up if you haven’t already.

OK, everybody I’m gonna get up outta here, but I appreciate you reading.

This has been Keion signing out with my second blog. Make sure you check back in with me soon for the next one.

I’ll check you later.

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