The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Kansas impressions, City of Palms, swimming and more

The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Kansas impressions, City of Palms, swimming and more

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The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Kansas impressions, City of Palms, swimming and more


Michael Porter Jr. is ranked No. 3 overall in the ESPN 60 and after dominating his sophomore season he’s doing the same on the AAU circuit. Porter already has a who’s who of college basketball’s most elite – Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri and lots more – all giving chase. Porter has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

Michael Porter Jr.

What’s up everybody, it’s Mike here with another blog for y’all; check it out!

We started practice two weeks ago and, I’ve gotta tell y’all, we’re looking pretty good!

We’ve got a transfer that’s really good and we already had a strong team. I feel like we mesh really well and we’re definitely gonna be a problem this year.

Last year we made it to the quarterfinals and we were ranked No. 1 in the state, but we had that one bad game and it came back to get us. I feel like we learned a lot from that and everyone’s working really hard to go further this season.

We’re playing in the City of Palms Classic next month so we’re all pretty excited about that one. You always hear about that tournament so we’re gonna go down there and give it our best shot.

If we can win our first game in the City of Palms we could play Chaminade and my boy Jayson Tatum in the second game. That would be a crazy game! We played against each other this summer in the EYBL and it was a really good one.

I took a visit to Kansas for Late Night in the Phog and got a taste of KU basketball, and it definitely was above what I heard. The fans are just crazy; I loved it.

It was a great experience; Kansas is a great school. I got to see the new players’ dorm and it’s crazy! They’ve got thumb access to get in, a personal barber in the dorm, oversized showers, extra high counters for us tall guys, a chef, a halfcourt in the dorm facility with surround sound… It was NICE!

Lately I’ve been talking to Coach (Kim) Anderson, Coach (Lorenzo) Romar, all of the Kansas coaches and I talked to Coach (Tony) Bennett the other day too. That was a good talk. I haven’t been in touch with Duke or Kentucky too much lately, but I plan to hit them up soon.

I know Kentucky plays Duke and my mom and dad are talking about flying me up there to see that.

I’m definitely looking to get out to a few games at some of the schools that are recruiting me to see the atmosphere during an actual season.

Oh I’ve got a new workout regimen too; I’m swimming now and I love it.

I like it better than just running because I feel like it’s helping me even more with my conditioning. I started swimming about a month ago. I do freestyle and breaststroke until I can’t do anymore laps. It’s tough!

I know a lot of guys get up here and talk about how great they are in NBA 2K, but I’m still the 2K King!

I don’t have 2K16 yet, but, trust me, that’s definitely going on my Christmas list.

I went to see Maze Runner: Scorch Trials recently and I loved it! I would definitely suggest that you guys check it out. That and War Room; I really loved that one too. Great message!

School has been a challenge for me this year because I’m taking two AP classes.

In my Anatomy class we dissected a cat recently and that was crazy! I could barely eat lunch after that one.

After the first quarter I had a 4.0 so I’m doing good so far.

OK guys thanks for reading my blog, I’ll be back soon.


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The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Kansas impressions, City of Palms, swimming and more
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