The Rawle Alkins Blog: Nursing a bum ankle, SAT, equal time to rival schools and more

The Rawle Alkins Blog: Nursing a bum ankle, SAT, equal time to rival schools and more

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The Rawle Alkins Blog: Nursing a bum ankle, SAT, equal time to rival schools and more


Rawle Alkins, a five-star combo guard, built a legendary resume  this past summer; dominating the adidas circuit (24.3 points per game), leading the NY RENS to the adidas title, helping the U.S. Select team go undefeated at the adidas EuroCamp in Treviso, Italy and winning MVP at both the prestigious adidas Nations showcase and the Pangos All-America Camp. That kind of production has Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, St. John’s, UNLV, UNC and N.C. State all in hot pursuit. Now Alkins has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Rawle Alkins

What’s up everybody, it’s Rawle Alkins from Word of God Academy and I’m back here with another blog for USA Today.

It’s been a long year.

My team has been having its ups and downs and we started the season on a high note. USA Today ranked us No. 22 in the country and we had a lot of D-I guys and we had a lot of hype to live up to and we haven’t done that so far.

Honestly, I’m not used to playing with a lot of guys that are just like me; as far as being used to having the ball in their hands, playing off the pick-and-roll and having the ball in late game situations. I’m used to being “that” guy.

At my old school, Christ the King, guys had roles; we had guys who would knock down shots, we had guys who would rebound and stuff like that.

Coming here Coach Clifton teaches guys to be the same and to be equal for situations like last week, when I wasn’t able to play because of my ankle, so we wouldn’t miss a beat.

I get it.

It’s a different approach and I’m not used to it, but I’m a player that makes adjustments.

Right now I play the four for the team because we have a four-guard offense; it works on offense, but on defense I’ve had to adjust to guarding big men and that’s tough just guarding a big guy who loves to post up the whole game then still trying to be dominant on the other end.

This being my first year here there are a lot of things like that I’m not used to, but I’m confident that we can get it together and make a run.

The great thing for me is that I’ve really been going hard in the classroom and it’s paying off. I’ve still got my 3.8 GPA. My main focus is the SAT! I took it last weekend and it was tough, but I’m hoping for the best. I gave it a strong shot!

I’m hoping to set up some official visits soon.

St. John’s was gonna come to the game last week, but I told them I was injured and wasn’t playing. They said they’d still come just to talk to me after the game even without me playing. That’s crazy, but I was actually at the hospital getting my ankle checked out so I didn’t make the game at all.

Recruiting is crazy like that; coaches go hard!

It’s funny down here with college basketball. The fans here are crazy!

I have to pick which games I go to between the two North Carolina schools carefully because I don’t want one school feeling like I’m favoring the other. They’re big rivals too!

So I try and give equal time to both N.C. State and North Carolina.

I went to the State game first last week then I went to see the North Carolina game.

Great times at both.

I know I mentioned my ankle earlier and I sprained it last week at a showcase in Charlotte. It was a bad sprain, but there was no damage to the bone or the ligaments or anything like that.

It’s tough to sit out, but I have to be smart. It’s tough because we almost have sort of like an NBA schedule. We literally play 50 games this season. That takes its toll, but I’ll be back this week.

I had a great Thanksgiving!

My mom, my two cousins and my niece came to town and we had a great time. Here it’s just me, my cousin, his wife and their daughter so we kinda just have each other. I loved having my family here.

Of course everyone knows that Kobe announced his retirement recently and you just have to give that man respect with all he’s accomplished and the impact he’s had on the game. The stats don’t lie. I read his speech and it was really inspiring to me!

Well, y’all know I’m still rocking that new Trey Songz mixtape To Whom It May Concern too!

Remember I told y’all I prefer to listen to Trey before games than rap. That’s just my thing.

I’m definitely listen to Drake too, and being in North Carolina, I can’t lie, I started listening to a little trap music too! Haha!

I will say this though; New York hip hop is back on the come-up! Don’t sleep.

OK, guys thank you, as always, for checking out my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Keep up with me and I’ll be back real soon with my next blog.

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The Rawle Alkins Blog: Nursing a bum ankle, SAT, equal time to rival schools and more
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