The Trevon Duval Blog: Kentucky impressions, MVP performance and more

The Trevon Duval Blog: Kentucky impressions, MVP performance and more

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The Trevon Duval Blog: Kentucky impressions, MVP performance and more


Trevon Duval is the No. 1 point guard and No. 4 overall player in the ESPN 60. Last summer his peers awarded him Best Handles hardware for his dominance during the AAU season. The Advanced Prep International (Dallas) star has everyone from Duke to Kentucky to Kansas to North Carolina to Arizona, among many others, all applying the full-court recruiting press for his services. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Trevon Duval

Hey, what’s up this is Trey, how’s the basketball world doing?

We started our season already and I’m feeling good about how we’re playing right now.

Our first game was a really big game for us; it was against Thon Maker’s team and it was a really good one. Thon and his brother are really tough, but we pulled it out. A lot of our starters were in foul trouble so the bench had to step up and they did. They helped us gain and keep the lead. I really felt like we grew as a team.

We can score whenever we want and our fast breaks are probably the best in the country; you better look out or close out when we push it.

As long as we keep growing and playing together I think we can be successful.

I won MVP of our game in Kansas; it was a game where all of our guys were in foul trouble or fouled out and I had to stay in the game. I was so tired, but Coach told me, “You better suck it up ‘cause you’re not coming out!” So I had to suck it up and do whatever it took to get the win.

We started the season out No. 4 and, of course, we all wanted to be on top, but we know to just keep working hard.

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We saw Oak Hill lose last week and it was a learning experience.

They were No. 3 and they played an unranked team and lost so that just showed us that if you don’t come to play every night you can lose. It made us take games even more serious than we had been so that was good.

My recruitment is going pretty cool.

I’ve been looking at a lot of college basketball and that’s really been helping me see how people play and how the teams look as a whole.

I will say that I was really impressed with Kentucky in that game against Duke. They looked really good, just playing hard defense and playing together. I thought Tyler Ulis played great too.

I definitely want to get out and take a few visits, but it’s hectic when you play a national schedule. I’m gonna talk to my dad about going to some of the colleges that are around the games that we play. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

Seeing all of the seniors committing has been big!

Do I see myself signing early? Yes and no.

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Now that I’m just a year away from being a senior a part of me wants to get it over with, but then I see the guys that wait late and it just seems like a bigger deal. I don’t know.

I will say this; if I know which school I want to go to for sure, I’ll most likely go ahead and commit.

The things that are important to me are the coaches, the style of play, the lifestyle of the school and whether they can get me better and develop me.

OK, stepping away from basketball, I’ve gotta tell y’all this Dallas weather is messing me up! I didn’t know Texas got cold!


I definitely have to tell y’all one of my favorite rappers Meek Mill came out with Dreamchasers 4, I thought it was pretty good; not his best, but it was good.

I would say check it out though.

School is going great; I’m doing great in my Geography class and I’m way ahead of schedule on it. I’ve got an A and three B’s so I’m loving that. I like to excel in the classroom as much as I do on the court. I stay on top of my grades.

Alright, thanks for reading to my new blog; I’ll catch up with y’all in my next one so check back with me soon.

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