The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Arizona and Cal visits, Logic, Creed, state chances and more

The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Arizona and Cal visits, Logic, Creed, state chances and more

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The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Arizona and Cal visits, Logic, Creed, state chances and more


Troy Brown Jr. is the top point guard in the ESPN 60 and No. 14 overall player in the class of 2017. After dominating the AAU circuit this summer, The Centennial (Las Vegas) star has everyone from Arizona to Duke to Arizona State, among many others, hot on his trail. Now Brown has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.


Hey, this is Troy Brown back with another player blog for USA Today; hope you enjoy it!

We open our season tonight against Desert Pines and we’re all excited about it!

They have a couple of really good players with offers so it should be a good test. I think we’re ready though; it’s been a while and we’re all hungry.

I’m feeling a lot more confident in my game and I’m getting back to the things that I do well. Last year I didn’t get to accomplish some of the things that I set out to accomplish so I’m really coming in to this season with a whole new mindset to get that done.

I feel like that’s carried over from the summer because I don’t feel like I played as well as I could have. I don’t care too much about rankings, but I definitely saw that I got dropped from No. 2 overall to No. 14 and I didn’t like it.

For me, I take it as disrespect; not in a way that says I’m mad at anyone, just in a way that motivates me. I know I should be higher and I’m gonna work and produce to that point. At the same time, I don’t care about stuff like that as much as some players do.

I can’t blame anyone but myself. I knew that I had to get back to where I wanted to be as a player so I just refocused; I shut down social media for three months and just really focused on getting better.

With my high school team I feel like we should be able to win states this year. I really feel that way; hands down this is our year. Last year we had a lot of team issues circulating around the locker room, but it’s a better flow this year.

I took a couple visits recently too.

First, I went to Arizona and I loved it; beautiful campus, nice weather. I went to watch my friends Justin Simon and Ray Smith play in the red and blue game. It was really fun! My boy Jarred Vanderbilt and Brandon McCoy were down there so we were having fun just hanging out.

Then I went down to Cal and that was beautiful too.

I got to sit down and talk with Ivan (Rabb) and J.B. (Jaylen Brown) and all of them. I like the way the staff addresses their players and just the whole interaction. It seems like those coaches have a higher respect and a better relationship with their players than most coaches at other schools.

Both visits were great.

Everyone is recruiting me as a point guard and that’s what I want to play at the next level. I play every position for my high school team just because I’m taller. I just do whatever I need to do to win.

On the school side, I’m doing great. I’ve got six A’s and two B’s right now.

I think AP English is probably my favorite subject. We just read Julius Caesar and we had to act out a few scenes and my acting skills were definitely on point.

I’m planning to go see the movie Creed, and I have been listening to Logic’s new album The Incredible True Story a lot lately. It just came out and it’s definitely worth picking up so check that out!

OK, everybody thanks for tuning in to the exclusive Troy Brown blog! I’m heading out now, but come back next time for more.

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