These high school hype videos have got to stop

These high school hype videos have got to stop

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These high school hype videos have got to stop


We get it kids, you’re creative and you love the hip hop. That’s great. Now cut it out.

The non-stop train of self-produced high school hype videos based off their more professional inspiration are absolutely unbearable. Sure, they’re all done in the sense of fun, but let’s be frank: They’re pretty brutal.

Case in point: This effort from Clay High School in Oregon, Ohio, which is creatively titled — you guessed it — Clay High School.

Where to begin. “Clay High School” doesn’t actually work with the internal rhythm of the sampling track. It doesn’t. And neither does, “Yah, go Eagles.” We know why you’re trying to force it in there. We get it. But it doesn’t work.

It goes downhill from there, too. The effort is still nice, there’s a lot of coordination that goes into this kind of a thing, but it’s really not necessary. In fact, it probably isn’t even really helpful.

So, can we all just calm down and go back to traditional pep rallies and football rivalries? We’d really appreciate it over here, and we’re happy to accommodate an occasional intentionally-bad coaching lip sync.


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