The Trevon Duval Blog: Alaska bound, hanging with T.I., honoring late teammate and more

The Trevon Duval Blog: Alaska bound, hanging with T.I., honoring late teammate and more

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The Trevon Duval Blog: Alaska bound, hanging with T.I., honoring late teammate and more


Trevon Duval is the No. 1 point guard and No. 4 overall player in the ESPN 60. Last summer his peers awarded him Best Handles hardware for his dominance during the AAU season. The Advanced Prep International (Dallas) star has everyone from Duke to Kentucky to Kansas to North Carolina to Arizona, among many others, all applying the full-court recruiting press for his services. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Trevon Duval

What’s up world this is Trey and I’m back with my new blog entry!

As y’all know we’ve been grinding as a team for a few weeks now getting ready for the season and we’re only getting better every day.

We’ve got a scrimmage coming up this week and I’m definitely going to be looking for our team to come out and be clicking on all cylinders. I think we’ll all be excited because we’re all ready to start our season. I don’t want any of the games in the scrimmage to be close.

That’s all of our mindsets!

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Some of y’all may have heard about our Midnight Madness event a couple weeks back; it was definitely the best Midnight Madness events I’ve ever seen.

We had a dunk contest, skills contest and we had performances at halftime by T.I. and Bankroll Mafia! I definitely don’t think any other high school had stars like that at their Midnight Madness event.

We got to take pictures with them and talk to them and everything. T.I. told all of us to just stay in school and go hard at what we do. He just said that you’ve always gotta work on your craft and that’s how we are; we’re always working hard.

I surprised myself in the dunk contest because I finished a couple of dunks that I had no idea I could even get close on. When we were warming up, I threw it off the backboard and took it between my legs and made the dunk. That’s the craziest thing I ever did dunk-wise!

Then in the contest I had someone hold the ball up and I took it from them in the air, took it between the legs and threw it down.

That was my best dunk, but I was going against guys like Mark (Vital), T Ferg (Terrance Ferguson) and Billy (Preston) so you already know!

Every time Mark or T Ferg dunked the people in the stands would run on the court going crazy!

I think Mark won because his last dunk shut the gym down; he jumped over me and three other people and dunked. I can’t lie I was super scared, but he pulled it off!

We start our season in Alaska!

I can’t wait because I’ve never been there. I heard it’s really beautiful and, obviously, really cold, but I heard it’ll be dark the whole time we’re there. That will be kinda crazy, but it’ll be a cool experience.

We play Orangeville Prep, Thon Maker’s team, so I know it’ll be a good test. We’ll be ready.

The recruitment is going cool; Missouri was in last week, Arizona’s been in contact, Syracuse is contacting me a lot more now, Baylor, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Villanova have all been in contact.

Carolina and Villanova sent me letters recently and I always try and read the handwritten letters. A couple of the older guys gave me that advice to always read the handwritten letters because those are the ones they actually took the time to write. I just like to see what they have to say.

I definitely would have to say that Baylor is the coolest, most creative with the letters.

They take a white piece of paper and put me in a Baylor jersey with a bear in the background. On the other side they’ll have, “Go Baylor!” or something like that.

It’s really cool. Definitely original.

On the school side I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard. Math is my favorite subject by far; History and Geography are my least favorites, but, right now, I’m doing better in those classes than I am in math.

I’ve got an A in those and a B in Math! It’s cool.

I told y’all last time that I was the god of NBA 2K and, of course, that hasn’t changed. I play online and everything so hit me up if you want it!

I recently saw two cool movies: Dope and San Andreas. I would definitely recommend them both so check those out.

Before I go I want to let you guys know that, unfortunately, we lost one of our teammates last week to cancer. Kneiko Ketchens had been suffering from cancer since last year and he had to stop playing basketball. He’d still been coming around doing some work when he felt up to it, but he passed last week. I just want to honor him here in my blog and say rest in peace to him.

Right now we break huddles by saying, “10 on three!” because he wore the No. 10.

I think we’ll probably wear his number somewhere this season too.

We all miss him and are definitely keeping his family in our prayers.

OK, everybody I really appreciate you reading my blog, I’ll be back soon with another one and, once again, I want to say rest in peace to my teammate Kneiko Ketchens.

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