Top ATH recruit A.J. Taylor commits to Wisconsin using customized Monopoly board

Whether you love or loathe A.J. Taylor, you have to respect his originality.

As noticed by the New Orleans Times-Picayune, The superstar athlete recruit from Rockhurst High in Kansas City, Mo., made his college decision and announced it using a pretty remarkable customized Monopoly board. With the schools recruiting him spread around the Monopoly board like Atlantic Avenue and St. Charles Place, he moved a figure around the board until deciding to put a “Hotel Taylor” on Wisconsin, effectively choosing the Badgers as his collegiate home.

Perhaps fitting for a player who resorts to a board game to make his official decision, the reasons for Taylor’s choice of Wisconsin are a bit more prosaic than those often employed by others.

“The biggest thing I really liked, it might be a little cliche’, but I really liked the atmosphere,” Taylor told 247 Sports. “I really liked going there because, no matter what, there’s always people outside and enjoying the day. When we went in the spring, it was cloudy and cold, but there were still people having a good time. That’s a cool aspect of visiting Wisconsin.

“If you just want to talk about football — the atmosphere of the game. I like how all the coaches are very welcoming.”

Welcoming coaches, a great atmosphere? Clearly Taylor hasn’t squeezed his futures coaches and teammates for an extra nickel on the Monopoly board before.

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