Top hoops recruit Thon Maker: 'Ben Simmons isn't LeBron and I'm not Kevin Durant'

Top hoops recruit Thon Maker: 'Ben Simmons isn't LeBron and I'm not Kevin Durant'

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Top hoops recruit Thon Maker: 'Ben Simmons isn't LeBron and I'm not Kevin Durant'


Thon Maker is one of the most coveted recruits in college basketball, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading his new blog, which is being hosted by Fox Sports Australia. An Australia native, the prodigiously talented 7-foot Canadian transplant makes it clear that he’s only focused on the NBA and that every decision he’s making is designed to increase his productivity and success as a pro.

Here’s just one snippet from Maker’s initial first person online salvo:

“I don’t really watch the NCAA. I’m an NBA guy because that is where I’m going. I have been following the NCAA more and more this year because some of my former teammates: Jamal Murray, Jaylen Poyser, and Kyle Alexander, as well as Aussies like Ben Simmons, Deng Adel, and Isaac Humphries are playing.”

Even more telling is Maker’s confidence, which shines throughout his stream of consciousness entry. Maker writes about weaknesses to the game of superstar college players like Ben Simmons and openly questions why legendary Kentucky coach John Calipari does not, “play through (Jamal Murray) more.”

Predictably, the show-stopping quote from the blog post focuses on fellow Aussie Ben Simmons and the perennial quest to anoint both Simmons and Maker as, “the next (insert your NBA superstar of choice here).”

“(Simmons is) doing really well at LSU. There are a lot of people knocking him because of the hype that the media has created, by calling him the next LeBron.

He is not the next LeBron, and I am not the next Kevin Durant. My guardian, coach Smith, always says to be the ‘first you’; not the next someone.

Ben’s team, LSU, is not winning much now, so the same areas of his game that needed improvement in high school are now front page news. It’s a long season and I’m sure he will get better in those areas and lead them to the tournament. That’s what winners do. When he gets to the NBA he will have time to work on his shot and getting better at NBA defensive rotations. Right now, he is rebounding and hitting his teammates well when pushing the ball. He just has to start trusting his shot more and be willing to miss shots to make shots, in my opinion.”

The new blog provides direct insight into Maker’s personality, which has been far more guarded before now. Apparently when you’re the most intriguing center prospect in ages you get to say whatever you want, whenever you want. Something tells us that the likes of Arizona State, Kansas and Notre Dame, among others, won’t be turned off by Maker’s straightforward assessments, both of his own talent and that of others.


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