The Torrance Gibson Blog: Ohio State commit talks about taking more visits, Buckeyes' national title chances and more

The Torrance Gibson Blog: Ohio State commit talks about taking more visits, Buckeyes' national title chances and more

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The Torrance Gibson Blog: Ohio State commit talks about taking more visits, Buckeyes' national title chances and more


Torrance Gibson has now led American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.) to back-to-back Class 5A state titles. Gibson, the top dual-threat quarterback in the country and No. 8 overall prospect in the ESPN 300, was even nominated for an ESPN Sport Science Newton Award for Best Throw last season. Gibson, an Ohio State, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.


What’s up everybody, you know who it is, Torrance Gibson coming at you with another blog!

I’m proud to announce that I’m a state champion again!

We didn’t have the talent that we did last year and we had to fight through a lot of adversity, but we did it. We came together and everyone really played their role!

We had younger guys step up big time and we got it done!

Going in to the state championship game my mindset was that I had to get the win. It was my last high school game and I knew that me and my teammates were gonna literally leave everything that we had on that field. If we didn’t win we would always know that we did everything that we could’ve done.

We were loose. We don’t get all serious; that’s not us. We like to have a good time and stay relaxed. That’s the kind of leader I am too; I don’t get all serious when it’s time for a big game and that’s how my teammates are too.

I was proud of us!

We definitely had a ball celebrating the win!

Even just dumping the cooler on our coach after the win and all of us freestyling on the bus after the game were moments that I’ll never forget.

You already know who had the best freestyle too! TG6!

After that I went to the U.S. Army All American game and that was a great experience. I love playing against elite players like that. Everyone was calling each other out and competing and we had a ball.

It wasn’t all about football though, the coaches let us enjoy ourselves in San Antonio so that was cool.

Right now I’m starting training for track.

I want to get another state title in track too so I’m focused on that now. My coach said with me going to that fast-paced offense next season it can only help so I’m training hard. I run the 200 and the 400 meters.

OK, so everyone wants to know about me taking visits to different schools while I’m committed to Ohio State. Basically my mom wants me to see what’s out there because she wants me to make sure I’m 100 percent making the best decision.

No, she doesn’t want me to decommit or anything, she just wants me to have seen everything. I’ll be taking officials to LSU and Auburn.

Ohio State fans shouldn’t worry at all. Just let me enjoy this process; it’s the only time I’ll be able to do this in my lifetime.

Having said that you guys know my boys are in the national championship game tonight and I truly believe that we’re gonna win.

Oregon has the same exact offense but they move a little faster.

I think it’ll be a great game, but those Buckeyes are gonna win.

I’ll definitely be watching the quarterback position and the offense. I’ll be taking notes the whole time; that’s just what I do.

It’ll be a high scoring game; I’m saying 49-35 Ohio State. Mark it down!

School is going good for me too!

It’s a more laid back semester for me, but I’m still trying to get those straight A’s!

Gotta finish strong!

Alright everybody I gave you guys an update on my life and how I’m taking my time on this process and hopefully I cleared things up for y’all.

I’ll see y’all when I see y’all.

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