The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Top sophomore blogs about AAU, new offer and more

The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Top sophomore blogs about AAU, new offer and more

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The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Top sophomore blogs about AAU, new offer and more


Troy Brown Jr. is the top point guard in the ESPN 25 and No. 5 overall player in the class of 2017. After dominating the AAU circuit this summer, The Centennial (Las Vegas) star has everyone from Arizona to Duke to Arizona State, among many others, hot on his trail. Now Brown has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.


What’s up world, this is Troy Brown back with another player blog!

Thanks for reading!

Things are going pretty well for me and my AAU team the Las Vegas Prospects right now. We’re 6-2 in the EYBL and I feel like we’re getting better. We’ve done two sessions so far and we’re headed to Houston next month for the third one.

I think the biggest thing we have to work on is being consistent, sometimes we come out strong and sometimes we get a little lackadaisical so we’ve gotta work on playing hard the whole game. We’ve just gotta stay prepared mentally; that’s the biggest thing.

I think my best individual matchup was against Matt Coleman and Boo Williams, that was fun.

I try not to worry about the coaches being there; I just try not to notice but that’s hard to do.

I did see Jeff Capel, Arizona’s assistant was there, Dave Rice was there and I’ve seen a few other coaches too. Like I said I try not to pay too much attention to it, though.

Since the AAU season started I’ve picked up an offer from Texas Tech. I wasn’t expecting it, but they talked to my dad and gave me the offer.

I’m looking forward to June when the coaches can contact me directly. I know my dad will be happier too because the coaches always deal with him and he said sometimes it can be a lot. I think it’ll be fun when I can talk to them and build relationships with them. I know it’ll probably be a lot, but I think it’ll be cool.

Right now I don’t have any visits planned anywhere; I’m just focusing on AAU.

Next month I go to USA U16 camp and I’m really looking forward to that. It’s always fun to compete against the top players and everyone’s trying to make the team so you really have to go hard.

I definitely watched Duke win it all and I was happy to see that. Of course Duke is one of the schools that’s offered me and even though I didn’t pick them to win it all, I was glad to see them get it. I did have Duke in my Final Four, though!

I had Kentucky winning. I’m not gonna lie, was shocked to see Wisconsin beat them, but Kentucky still had a strong year either way.

I know this year there have been a lot of seniors that have waited a little longer to commit and sign. I feel like I’ll commit when the time is right. If that’s my junior year, I’ll do it or if I want to wait until my senior year to keep coaches coming to my games so my teammates can get looks, I could wait.

I know some players want to see who goes to the draft and all that so I get it.

School lets out in June and I’m ready for a break.

Grades are still good and I just did a project in English about how sports stars should be role models. I had the famous Charles Barkley quote in there and everything. It really made me think more about how I should carry myself in all situations so I felt good about it. I ended up getting a B on it.

OK, guys well, thanks for tuning in to my player blog once again, and I hope you’ll come back again for my next one!

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The Troy Brown Jr. Blog: Top sophomore blogs about AAU, new offer and more
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