VIDEO: Between the legs handoff is key to trick play TD run in Miss.

Tupelo Christian Prep School (TCPS) rocked Macon Road Baptist (from Tennessee) by a final score of 41-13, so there were plenty of high points for the Tupelo squad. Still, just one touchdown was a bona fide contender for best-executed trick play of the year.

TCPS lined up with the ball on its 44-yard-line with running back John Mark Jolly lined up as if he was going to block up front. When snap came in he didn’t move, instead dropping his head low, all while the rest of the line shifted all around him. TCPS quarterback Caleb Kitchens rolled to the right as if he was executing a traditional option read, but not before slipping the ball to the crouched over Jolly, who waited until the defense followed Kitchens’ motion and then took off to the left flank and was off to the races.

Macon Road never saw it coming, and when the defensive backfield finally noticed what was happening they couldn’t catch up to the blazing Jolly, even with a better angle to close.

As far as trick plays go, it’s hard to get much more simple than that. Or more effective.

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