VIDEO: Super 6 Basketball Plays

VIDEO: Super 6 Basketball Plays

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VIDEO: Super 6 Basketball Plays


Welcome to Super 6 Plays, where we’ll be digging up and dissecting six of the best plays from across the nation with the help of our partners over at High School Cube. Gear up for the week ahead with a heavy dose of monster dunks, breakaway goals and the best of everything else early each week.

1) Rio Rancho’s buzzer beating drive for the win against Cleveland — Jeremy Snider got the ball on the wing and cut in to the hoop with just enough time to get off a final running shot in the lane. It went in, throwing New Mexico’s Class 6A hierarchy in and around Albuquerque into mayhem with a huge, 85-84 overtime victory against Cleveland High.

2) Lavarr Batts Jr.’s monster dunk for Robinson High — It’s not enough for Concord, N.C.-based Robinson High’s Lavarr Batts to share a first name with the wonderful host of Reading Rainbow, he also has to have some of the most impressive athleticism in high school basketball, as he showcased on this dunk.

3) Daniel Ogele’s big-time block for St. Ignatius — When it comes to Catholic school basketball in Chicago, both DePaul College Prep and St. Ignatius can stake a claim for conference honors. Luckily, St. Iggy’s has Daniel Ogele inside swatting way shots by DePaul and everyone else on the schedule. Add in a half-court game winner, and St. Ignatius may really have something going this year.

4) Camille Schweizer’s halfcourt buzzer beater for Sterling — This is how you close out a dominant quarter when you’ve held your opponent to a single point: With a buzzer beater from mid-court, as delivered by Kansas-native Camille Schweizer.

5) Cushing Academy’s alley-oop dunk from Kimani Lawrence — The alley oop from Rob O’Brien was terrific, and the dunk from Kimani Lawrence was even better. Hard to argue with this contender from Massachusetts’ Cushing Academy.

6) Brady Hale’s buzzer beater for Yankton High — There are few better ways to while away the cold South Dakota winters than with great high school basketball. When you get a terrific game-winning buzzer beater, as we did with Brady Hale’s connection for Yankton against Brookings, that’s even better.


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