VIDEO: Texan gives lesson on how not to practice cheerleading

VIDEO: Texan gives lesson on how not to practice cheerleading


VIDEO: Texan gives lesson on how not to practice cheerleading


When doing back handsprings in the side yard, try not to have a fence in the way of your tumbling. Otherwise, you may face-plant directly into said fence. Thankfully, Chloe Corn seems to be doing just fine following the collision.

Also, thankfully, her father David Corn was on hand to film the fence-face meeting and post it to YouTube under the title “cheerleading fail.” I like how the only reaction to what at first seemed like a violent showdown between fence and face was a small gasp with no word of warning from the videographer followed by Chloe’s fantastic laugh.

Of course, Chloe Corn also offers lessons on exactly how to practice cheerleading.

According to the Daily Mail, she’s a member of San Antonio’s Northeast Vikings, a renowned cheerleading club that is headed back to the National Cheer Championships next week. In hopes of bringing his entire family to witness his daughter’s final cheer competition in Orlando before she starts high school, David established a gofundme campaign.

5 more days until we leave for nationals! She will be on ESPN again this year. They also got 1st place and Grand Champs at City AND Regionals. This years team is looking to be one of the best the Vikings have seen. Its sad this is her last year on the team. She will be going to high school next year and will be to old for Pop Warner. She already has everything she needs for varsity cheer as she enters as a freshman. In the years past Heather and Chloe are the only ones who attended the national championship. This being her last year is my last chance to experience this with my daughter. Though this means we have to take a total of 5 people and board 3 dogs since Heather is required to go being an assistant coach, this year has been exceptionally tough financially with Heather also going back to school so anything helps.

Here’s hoping he reaches his goal of $5,000 — and that there aren’t any fences in the middle of the mat in Orlando.


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