VIDEO: Watch all 28 touchdowns from the crazy 107-90 football game in Central Pa.

Friday night’s 107-90 Meadville victory against DuBois continues to gain national attention, with the full statistics from the match up proving even more unlikely and amazing than previously believed. Now for the first time there’s compiled video showing the game’s scoring plays … all 28 of them.

Thanks to Erie Times-News reporter Tom Reseinweber, who was at the game, edited video footage has emerged which showcases each of the game’s touchdowns, including all 10 from record-setting Meadville running back Journey Brown and all 10 from fellow record setting player, DuBois sophomore quarterback Matt Miller. As you can see, all 28 scoring plays came when the respective teams were on offense, making the high scoring affair all the more remarkable.

As if the events needed even more melodrama, Reseinweber set the touchdown montage to a truly operatic piece of background music, which may or may not have been struck from the Rudy soundtrack. Of course, given how many touchdowns there were, the video rolls on for a full 5:30, requiring no fewer than seven times. SEVEN!!

Other things that become clear in the video: While they can begin to blur together, at least three of Brown’s scoring runs required some serious agility to get through and around defenders who seemed to have a pretty good line on him. Also, the most unheralded stars from the game? Must be the officials. They were running non-stop all game, with an awful lot of up and down the field. Apparently that will happen in a game with 197 points.



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