Chop-Up: Vince Staples talks Summertime '06, his shooting skills vs Steph Curry, Girl Scout cookie frustrations and more

Chop-Up: Vince Staples talks Summertime '06, his shooting skills vs Steph Curry, Girl Scout cookie frustrations and more

Celeb Chop-Up

Chop-Up: Vince Staples talks Summertime '06, his shooting skills vs Steph Curry, Girl Scout cookie frustrations and more


Rapper Vince Staples said, depending on the day, he can be a marksman on the court. / Def Jam

Rapper Vince Staples said, depending on the day, he can be a marksman on the court. / Def Jam

It’s not that Vince Staples lacks confidence in his skills on the hardwood; in fact, he’s quick to point out that, depending on the day, you could potentially mistake him for Steph Curry from the constant swish sound of the nets.

“I’m telling you my jumper is pretty wet now!” said the 22-year-old Long Beach emcee. “You can ask anyone!”

Still, when asked how long it would take him to knockoff the reigning NBA MVP and world champion, the realist in Staples won out immediately.

“Nah, not happening,” Staples said. “I’m competitive, not crazy.”

I caught up with Staples to chop-it-up about everything from his debut album Summertime ’06 to why there could be a conspiracy behind Girl Scout cookies to when he knew basketball just wasn’t for him.

Jason Jordan: Good to have you on! I always like to gauge the sports backgrounds and experiences of all of my guests on the Celeb Chop-Up; where are you from and what sports did you try coming up?

Vince Staples: I spent the majority of my life in Long Beach and I played everything; my grandmother kinda forced me into everything. I even played soccer, which I really couldn’t do because my asthma is horrible. I think my favorite two were football and basketball. I liked baseball, but I couldn’t really hit the ball as well as I thought I could hit! I thought I was Ken Griffey Jr. for the majority of my younger life, but I had a rude-awakening.

JJ: Did you have a shining moment?

VS: (Laughs) Not sure about that, but I do remember the day I knew I wasn’t cut out to be a basketball player. It was in the eighth grade and we played against this kid named Jamel Taylor, who was in the seventh grade. He actually played with us in our church league but he got into it with the pastor and went to another team. We ended up playing against him in the championship and he dropped like 45 points on us. He literally dominated us! I knew it was over after that. I was so defeated.

JJ: I’m sure you’re not mad that the Warriors won, being from Cali. and all, but I’m curious, how long would it take you to win a shooting contest against Steph Curry if he had one arm tied behind his back?

VS: (Laughs) You know what, it just depends on the day of the week because you can ask anyone my jumper is pretty wet. I’m telling you my jumper is pretty wet now! If he caught me on an on day when it was on… I probably still couldn’t beat him! I can’t front. The dedication that man puts into the game makes it pretty much impossible! Nah, not happening. I’m competitive, not crazy.

JJ: Perfect place to take it random in 3, 2, 1… What do yellow traffic lights mean to you?

VS: Speed up… Legally it means yield though.

JJ: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

VS: Definitely when my girl leaves the curling iron on. If my house burned down because of a curling iron that would be very disappointing. Also, I don’t like when LeBron James reacts to anything; I love him as a player just don’t like his reactions. Oh and I hate Neapolitan ice cream; if you’re gonna have a flavor just stick to a flavor! I’m kind of an old grumpy man!

JJ: What competition based reality show would you absolutely win?

VS: Iron Chef. People don’t focus enough on tampering with the other competitors’ food. I’d do something grimy and win by default.

JJ: Which fast food restaurant has the best fries?

VS: This is very difficult! I’m gonna actually say Wing Stop.

JJ: Everyone plays Paper, Rock, Scissors; which object have you found that you get the most wins with?

VS: (Laughs) I cheat. I start with rock then I release it, almost like a delayed reaction. Can’t lose like that!

JJ: Worst pre-fame job?

VS: You know I’ve never had a job, but I’ve had a lot of community service assignments where we had to take computers apart and then put them back together. I have no idea why! I did that for like two months. They’d give us Capri Sun and cookies; it was bad.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves a sequel?

VS: Ooh man! Howard the Duck and Baby Boy! I like bad movies. I think we should take Baby Boy right to 3D. There’s never been a hood classic in 3D!

JJ: What series or show is your guilty pleasure?

VS: Man I’ve been binge watching Sons of Anarchy ‘til like 5 a.m. It makes me want to buy a motorcycle, but that’s not a great idea because I’m a horrible driver. May just go with it though!

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word or phrase out right now?

VS: I’m surprised “turn-up” is still alive. I’m not really sure what we’re turning; is it a knob situation or what? I’m confused.

JJ: What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

VS: I’m so glad that you asked this, it’s time to stop giving these cookies a pass because the Girl Scouts make them. They’re really dry and they’re not good. Give me Mrs. Field’s cookies. Think about it, are they really Girl Scout cookies? Are they really making said cookies? I’m skeptical about this. I need answers. I think it may be some sort of secret society type deal.

JJ: You’ve unfortunately found yourself in the Witness Protection Program, what’s your cover name going to be?

VS: (Laughs) Sean Puffy Combs. I’m willing to go out as Puff Daddy!

JJ: Worst childhood punishment?

VS: I had to go to Bible camp. It wasn’t even my church; I didn’t know the kids at all. I thought it was gonna be super-Christian, but the kids were really ratchet. The food was trash… I hated it.

JJ: If you would 100 percent get away with it, which crime would you commit?

VS: (Laughs) Grand larceny.

JJ: What sitcom intro song do you know every word to?

VS: That 70’s Show!

JJ: What random fact can you just reel off to me right now?

VS: A lobster is immortal when it comes to natural causes. They have regenerative DNA and could never die of natural causes; you’d have to kill it.

JJ: Wow, that’s definitely impressive. Twitter or Instagram?

VS: Twitter. I can speak in complete jargon and no one knows if I’m serious or not. That’s my favorite part of Twitter, people not knowing if you’re joking.

JJ: Talk or text?

VS: I prefer phone conversations because I get lost in texts sometimes.

JJ: Who would you never want to meet in a dark alley?

VS:  Robert Durst.

JJ: OK, we’ve got your new album Summertime ’06 coming out today, talk about this project and what fans can expect from it.

VS: Thanks Jason. This is an insight on my situation and where I come from. A lot of people have a misconception of what happens in an urban environment so this is creating an understanding of it and all of the different dynamics that it has. I’m creating a new sound and having fun with it. I’m trying to do everything that I can to make this as entertaining and informative as possible for the people that follow us. It’s all about helping people gather information and having a great time while doing it.

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