Weather Altering Focus

Weather Altering Focus


Weather Altering Focus


When asked “What kind of weather do you prefer?” eight out of ten students preferred a clear, warm, sunny day.  One preferred it to be snowy while the other student preferred it to be stormy.  When looking around the classroom several days ago, there were many students that had their head down or seemed sluggish.  Observing that it was also stormy outside, the thought, “Does the weather affect student’s focus in school?” popped into mind, hence the reason for the opening question.

To dig deeper into the question, the distraction factor had to be considered as well.  Regardless if it is storming outside or not, some students will spend more of their focus looking out the window rather than watching the teacher.  For example, one student notices it is snowing outside and before you know it, the class comes to a halt so that everyone can take a look.  Another factor taken into consideration is the mood of the student.  According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, over three million cases of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) are reported each year.  SAD can cause depression, lack of motivation, drainage of energy and mood swings.  Is it possible that students are less motivated and focused to complete their work when the weather is bad?

I asked fellow student Reagan Hutchinson to describe how she felt about the weather when in school.  When it is stormy out, she stated, “I feel less motivated to get my work done and it makes me want to go home and sleep all day.”  When it is sunny out, she stated, “I feel more awake and motivated compared to when the weather is overcast.”  It can be drawn that gloomy weather creates a lack of motivation and focus in general, while the sunny weather sharpens energy, motivation, focus, initiative and positivity.  In the end, weather conditions will continue to affect student’s focus differently.


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