What's next in case of John Jay football players who attacked official

What's next in case of John Jay football players who attacked official


What's next in case of John Jay football players who attacked official


John Jay attack

John Jay attack

The Northside Independent School District will hold a disciplinary hearing Wednesday for the two John Jay players who targeted and attacked a football official in a Sept. 4 game against Marble Falls, the district announced.

The school district said the hearing will be closed to the public and it will not release any information regarding the findings because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Although senior Michael Moreno and sophomore Victor Rojas have been identified in the media — and did an interview with Good Morning America last week — the school district has never publicly identified the two players.


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On Good Morning America, the attorney for the two teenagers said “they have been punished enough already.” The players were thrown off the team, suspended from school for three days and have been going to the alternative school.

“I think they’ve paid the appropriate punishment already,” attorney Jesse Hernandez said. “They’ve apologized, they are sorry.

The district has previously said the students could face punishment such as expulsion or assignment to an alternative school if they are found guilty of violating the Student Code of Conduct.

The State Executive Committee of the UIL, the state’s athletic association, has scheduled a second hearing for Thursday.

According to a report, the players have been asked to testify, along with Jay coach Gary Gutierrez, assistant coach Mack Breed (who the players allege told them to hit the official and is on paid administrative leave), Marble Falls coach Matt Green, officials from both schools as well as the head of the Texas Association of Sports Officials and all five game officials.

Presumably, umpire Robert Watts and the players could be in the same room at the same time. The players have alleged Watts used racial slurs during the game. Watts’ attorney has said the players are “flat-out lying” and denied slurs were used.

The UIL has a wide range of punishments at its disposal, including forcing Jay to forfeit the rest of the season. School officials have said they deemed that it is not appropriate to punish the entire program for the actions of the two players, at least based on the evidence they had earlier this month.

It is unclear when the committee would rule after the hearing.

Marble Falls police also are said to be nearing the end of their investigation, according to the San Antonio Express News. Once the police have finished, which could be next week, the prosecutor will make a decision on whether to file charges.



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