Wild-Card Game in Shambles

Pirates End Their Season

Sad as it may be, the Pittsburgh Pirates season came to an abrupt end Wednesday night. The second and third best records in baseball playing under the lights in front of an energized crowd. It sounds like a great game to be played; well it didn’t turn out like that at all.

Surrendering a run in the first really killed the mood within the stadium giving way for the Cubs to take the win. The big story going into the game was how dominant Jake Arrieta would be against the Pirates who struggled against him all season, as well as other great ball clubs. The night was filled with sadness and frustration.

No fan was happy with the outcome of the game with the Cubs winning 4-0 and the dominating performance by Arrieta. We went around seeing people’s reactions to the big wild card game; what we got were sorrow filled responses knowing that the fighting Buccos are done this year.

Michael Guido: “What I expected to happen… It leaves me empty and sad.”

Mia Piazza: “I’m disappointed because they worked so hard to get where they were then when it came time they blew it.”

Quinn Boyle: No comment.

Jake Malacki: “Arrieta went out there and did not pitch too well but he still got the W and that is all that matters. Not to mention the game was called unfairly, the umps had no idea what a strike zone was it seemed.”

Mr. Kallet: “I hope the Cardinals sweep them.”

Not many even wanted to talk about the game, treating it like it was a bad nightmare, well it was for Pirates fans. One of the best seasons in years for them and it fell through within one night. Hoping next year will show more hope and promise we all have to wait over this long offseason.



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