America simply cannot afford free college education

America simply cannot afford free college education


America simply cannot afford free college education


According to the Wall Street journal, Mr. Bernie Sanders' total cost

According to the Wall Street journal, Mr. Bernie Sanders’ total cost for his ‘free stuff’

Once upon a time on a social media website I know way too much about, I scrolled across a tweet stating presidential candidate Mr. Bernie Sanders’ proposals for America. There are so many things wrong with his plans but I only want to address one. According to a tweet posted by Wall Street Journal on Twitter, Sanders’ proposal is expected to exceed $18 trillion dollars over the next decade.

According to the Wall Street Journal, his agenda includes an estimated $15 trillion for Medicare for everyone, $1.2 trillion for Social Security, $1.0 trillion for infrastructure programs, $750 million for tuition-free public college, $319 million for a paid-leave fund for working families, $29 million to bolster private pension funds, $5.5 million for jobs for disadvantaged youths, and an unknown estimate that will come soon regarding the Pre-K/Child Care Program.

The biggest issue I have with this proposal is that Mr. Sanders wants to allocate $750 million to make college tuition free. Anyone who is currently looking at colleges or enrolled knows that college is expensive. Tuition can range anywhere from $5,000 to above $100,000 a year for students depending on the degree and the university or college a student wants to attend.

Given this price tag, where does Mr. Sanders expect to pull this money from when our government is already over $19 trillion worth of national debt? Some common answers I’ve heard are the money is going to be pulled from Wall Street, military spending and by taxing the 1% of wealthy Americans. In my opinion, I don’t think pulling money from those three sources will come close to what the cost of free education will exceed.

In addition to the price tag, the irony in this is that by spending more, the degree is worth less.

Hypothetically, if everyone goes to school and completes his or her studies and obtains a bachelor’s degree then workplaces will now look for a master’s degree as a requirement. That’s already what is happening in America. In today’s day in age, a bachelor degree is no longer an adequate measure of achievement.

By giving away free education, it will turn from needing a master’s degree to a doctorate degree and then eventually, the value of education will diminish altogether. Somewhere along the line, Americans will be in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt all due to the stupidity of the government.

An education economist at the Hoover Institute, Eric A. Hanusek said in an article published by The New York Times called “The Masters as the New Bachelor” that a masters degree has an extra signaling power

“There is definitely some devaluing of the college degree going on,” Hanushek said. “We are going deeper into the pool of high school graduates for college attendance.”

College is a luxury, not a necessity. No one is entitled to free education in America. If you want to pursue a college degree, then you have to pay for it. Just because you want a degree does not mean it should come out of the government’s pocket.

The problem with America is that everyone thinks he or she is entitled to everything. I wish that people would stop thinking that way. Some say that the American Dream is dead. No, The American Dream is not dead. However, it requires a little more work and dedication. Therefore, education is not something that should just be handed to us especially if it could cripple the United States economy in the making.


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