ALL-USA Baseball First Team: Alex Kirilloff, Plum (Pittsburgh)

ALL-USA Baseball First Team: Alex Kirilloff, Plum (Pittsburgh)


ALL-USA Baseball First Team: Alex Kirilloff, Plum (Pittsburgh)


Alex Kirilloff Photo: Danny Moriarty Photography)

(Photo: Danny Moriarty Photography)

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Name: Alex Kirilloff
Position: OF/LHP
School: Plum (Pittsburgh)
Height/Weight: 6-2, 195
College: Signed with Liberty University
MLB Draft: Selected No. 15 overall by Minnesota Twins

Details:  Hit .523 with 31 RBI and 14 stolen bases through 88 at-bats. Was 6-1 with an ERA of 1.48 in 42.2 innings, with 67 strikeouts and 32 walks. He won the Perfect Game All-American Classic Home Run Derby at Petco Park in San Diego. He is home-schooled and his father, Dave, runs Baseball 19 University, an indoor training facility in Tarentum, Pa.

Working on: Pretty much everything, just dealing with the whole game is keeping my body healthy. Taking the precautionary things. How you prepare for every game. Sticking with a routine that is working for me.

Biggest accomplishment: Hopefully, it will be a high school championship. Leading up to this, all of last summer was a pretty big deal in my life.

Biggest disappointment: As a person who is very competitive, you’re never fully satisfied with how you’re dealing with things. You’re striving to be perfect, so you’re never going to get there. I haven’t had a big letdown and I don’t harp on anything.

One possession I would save from a fire: I would probably grab my bible.

Favorite MLB player: Andrew McCutcheon. I like the way he handles himself.

Mistake I learned from: Those happen every day. The more advanced you get, the higher level you play, you are always making adjustments. It’s just a matter of knowing how to make those adjustments.

Favorite super power:  I’d probably like super speed.

First car I drove:  We used to play at this field that had this huge private property around it. My dad started letting me drive on it when I was 12 or 13 because it was private property. The first car I drove there was this big green van that he had.

Dream car:  I really like Jeeps. A big Jeep Wrangler would be pretty cool..

How many gloves: Easily 10.

Favorite Justin Bieber song: I would have to go with “Where Are You Now.”

Favorite movie or book: “Remember the Titans”

Best feeling, pitching a no-hitter or a walk-off hit? Being more of a hitter, I’d probably have to say a walk-off hit. I’ve had a lot of one-hitters as a pitcher.

Growing up with a baseball-loving dad: I was a baseball guy before I knew what baseball was. He put me on a team as soon as I could walk. It’s definitely a blessing having him as a coach. He’s always had the facility when I was growing up.


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