April Weather Dampers School

April Weather Dampers School


April Weather Dampers School


March was a tremendous weather month in the Pittsburgh area, as the weather typically hit in the upper 60s and into the low 70s. Rain was sparse, and the breezes were plentiful. It seemed we had avoided any more winter-ish weather, and good times were ahead.

However, that has not been the case, as in the last few days, it has felt like December all over again. The weather has been in the 50s and lower, and many students have ditched the shorts and t-shirts for hoodies and pants. The school, as a result, has increased the temperature of the school, leading many students to complain of high temperatures in the school.

Chartiers Valley High School students were asked what they thought of the colder weather and the higher school temperature, and their responses were as followed:

“Man, it has been so cold,” said Jordan Mokricky. “Like, it’s crazy man, how was it only about a week or so ago that it was 70?”

“I hate cold weather,” said Mark Kelly. “I’m hoping we can get back to warm weather, and make the temperature in CV great again.”

“Ugh, it is so cold out,” said Julie Segel. “Like, I am ready to go South if it doesn’t warm up again.”

Overall, students do not seem thrilled with the prospect of this cold weather continuing, as it is expected to get colder and possibly snow over the weekend, according to KDKA. If that’s the case, students should wonder, how long will this cold keep up? Also, how long until it’s a little more comfortable at CV again?



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