Art Honors Society Fashion Show Fiasco

Art Honors Society Fashion Show Fiasco


Art Honors Society Fashion Show Fiasco


In Honor of prom, the Art Honor Society here at Shaler has been planning a fashion show to showcase prom dresses to help inspire some of the students.  The show is scheduled to take place on May 22, however which is less than a week before the event takes place.   Maybe.

“NAHS is a great organization, it really is. People have enjoyed many things that the club has had to offer like tie-dying and painting sessions, as well as our face-painting booths like the one at Homecoming. But, I’ve always felt as if it was too much of a routine. NAHS hasn’t ventured outside of these types of activities and it was time for something new and exciting,” Shayla Nguyen, Art Honor Society President, said.

This year for Art Honor Society, the officers tried to shake it up a bit.  It did not work out as expected.

Officer Leah LeBrew was approached in January by David’s Bridal about a donation of prom dresses for a fashion show.  They had worked with her in the past to try and organize a different club’s fashion show and wanted to know if she would like a donation for another one.

“Leah presented the fashion show idea to all the other officers and sponsors and we were all extremely excited about putting this together,” Nguyen said.

As it turns out, planning full events for an honor society is extremely difficult.  David’s Bridal, while very helpful, could only provide a certain amount of dresses.  Also, as the group did not have a set date for the event, other stores were apprehensive about giving dresses for the event.

After the group finally had a tentative date, set in late April, a request for a permit for Gym A was put in.  However, a dance recital was already taking place on that day so the permit was denied.

The group tried again for May 14.  Everything seemed to be well and good but due to a mix up the date was moved to May 22, five days before prom.

There were also many issues getting volunteers for the show.  It took four meetings before the amount of volunteers that were needed signed up.  Now, there are 50 members who have volunteered which really helped with moving the event forward.

“One major problem was getting the word out to everyone in the club. It was really hard getting everyone together in order to tell them, especially since we have such a huge amount of members. It definitely put a lag in our planning process since if not all members are informed, not many people would be able to volunteer,” Nguyen said.

At this point, all fingers are crossed that everything else runs smoothly but no promises.



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Art Honors Society Fashion Show Fiasco
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